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10 Must-Have Duda Apps For A High Functional Website

Duda Apps and Plugins

Duda is a platform created for people looking to build the perfect website. The secret sauce to how they can help spice up your design comes in the form of Duda apps. Moreover, social media is a vital part of the digital equation for many businesses. 

This is where using the right apps can help. 

In fact, Duda apps don’t just add more features but help bring more content through just a few simple integrations.

Ever visit a website that has no pictures, no menu, or no sidebar?

Well, time to break out from the clutches of 1999 and slide into site building! The widgets for the Duda website builder are a one-way ticket to add value to your business by incorporating exciting apps!

Why Use Duda plugins?

Designing your first website takes its toll. From the outset, there is a lot of confusing information and unfamiliar buttons. For beginners and even those more experienced, building a website is a grueling task.

This is where Dula comes in as the platform that does the work for you.


Through Duda apps!

It’s one thing to have a plethora of available integrations, but knowing how to use them is something else. Duda Plugins don’t require you to know any coding, have any technical skills or know your way around web design.

Say you need more information on who visits your website. Maybe add a payment feature for your business. Or, you want to use an SEO tool for all things marketing-related. Duda widgets have you covered!

More importantly, apps for Duda are easy to use. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution with any of the options. Nevertheless, Duda apps are a fine addition to your business simply because they can tinker with your website desires. 

Here are some widgets for the Duda website builder that you should check out!

Duda Apps You Should Know And Use

Logo Maker

logo.com logo maker

The first thing that comes to mind when seeing a bitten apple isn’t a fruit but a brand. Logos are an essential part of any business, and choosing the right design can make or break them. On our list of must-have Duda App, Logo Maker scores high. Crafting the right logo may take days, or in this case, just an app.

It works in two ways. Those with a developed concept – a slogan or a tagline – can share it with the app. Logo Maker takes in that information and sifts through its options to create a unique logo for your brand. Alternatively, you can skip the details altogether and look at their pre-generated options.

But it doesn’t just stop there. Widgets for Duda like Logo Maker allow you to cherry-pick the design and tweak it too! They’ll even give you the option to preview the logo on merch and see what you’re working with.

Launching your brand is as easy as one-two-three, thanks to Logo Maker – and Duda widgets. Pricing-wise, Logo Maker offers three monthly plans – starter ($5), professional ($8), and enterprise ($20).



Nobody thinks they like forms until they need forms. For many businesses, creating a good channel of automated forms is about convenience and customer retention. Our widgets for the Duda website builder list have Paperform as one of the most functional web form creators you’ll ever need.

Need a menu? A quicker way to approve payments? An appointment notification system? A short questionnaire with customizable answer boxes? Paperform covers all this and more – including an entire analytics system to help you keep track of your forms. 

However, it’s the customizability of widgets for Duda that makes them stand out.

To make things easier, Paperbox allows you to design the forms and test them out yourself first. Then, more experienced users can use HTML and CSS for more control overlooks and performance. On the flip side, there are over 300 templates you can choose from if you don’t have any specific ideas.

Duda widgets like Paperbox are among the more popular options out there – with 6,000+ businesses using it daily!

Don’t knock it ‘till you try it – and try it for two months at no charge! Afterward, Paperbox offers three plans – $12.50 for the ‘essentials,’ $32.50 for the ‘pro,’ and $82.50 for the ‘agency.’



Calendars are a necessity for every service. It’s easy to lose track of events if they’re not scheduled the right way. It’s just as easy to lose interest in a calendar if it’s not managed well. Loxi joins the roster of Duda apps that can fix those worries – and add some aesthetics too!

Loxi aims to bring a cleaner, more organized look to your calendar while also improving its efficacy. From quicker editing and multi-adding events to re-scheduling at a whim and quick RSVP send-outs – it’s got all bases covered!

Moreover, Loxi can help import events from different online calendars, so they are neatly placed in one widget. It makes transferring schedules seamless and quick! Like other Duda widgets, Loxi is essential in bringing you closer to more engagement at the price of less hassling!

To make things even easier, the Loxi service stays at a fixed monthly price of $8.

Site Search 360

Site Search 360

Typing a product into a website’s search box and getting Google results instead of site-specific answers can be infuriating. It’s why site searching can be a win-or-bust feature for any service. The user interface is not a fun topic but an important one for businesses that want to keep their customers engaged.

When it comes to Duda apps that are necessary, Site Search 360 ranks high. For one, it allows for a smart search. That means it looks into every nook and cranny of the website to help users find what they’ve been searching for. It also provides instant results and autocompletes suggestions. All of this works to keep users on the website engaged and looking for more.

On top of all this, it also offers a full analytics page. It details why users were on the site, what the most searched item was and how long they stayed engaged. Plus, it can do all this in 19 languages!

A lot of widgets for Duda website builders are priced for the quality. Site Search 360 also has a free package! It’s a welcome option for those who are using it for the first time. They offer the ‘Columbo’ pack for $9/mo, ‘Holmes’ pack for $39/mo, and ‘Batman’ pack for $99/mo.



Consent Management Platforms (CMP) are essential to protect you and the consumer from any legal trouble. If you collect, process, or share data – then having a CMP is vital. Our pick from Duda apps on this one is Usercentrics!

Leave the legal jargon and training to Usercentrics. It’s a specialized software that will document and store consent data from visitors to your site. To achieve full compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD guidelines, add it to your list of must-have apps!

Their prices vary depending on the domain, sessions, and storage consent. For example, Usercentrics offers a ‘Standard’ package at €8 per month, a ‘Business’ package at €39 per month, and a customizable ‘Enterprise’ package.

Usercentrics is an excellent example of how Duda widgets make sure users agree first and read the fine print later!

Neustar Localeze

Neustar Localeze

Having your website on the first page of any search engine is essential for building visibility. Our pick for the must-have widgets for Duda allows new services looking to extend their reach to do just that. Specifically, through Neustar Localeze!

It’s an optimized engine that does several things. For one, it syncs data between business listings and puts out verified information about your business. It also estimates which website to push your service on. Moreover, make one edit on a listing, and Neustar Localeze will apply it across every other platform!

Price-wise, they offer different services for small businesses, enterprises, resellers, and agencies. Additionally, Neustar Localeze provides data sets to those who want to edit or add to their available data files.



Duda apps like AudioEye are crucial for users. Up to 15% of the population have some form of disability, and websites rarely cater to their needs. Having integrations that allow for accessibility features helps both the user and your brand.

AudioEye works by automatically running tests on your website(s) to see if they lack accessibility features. If they do, the software then fixes them to make sure they are ADA and WCAG compliant.

In cases where fixes are not available automatically, AudioEye adds an accessibility bar. This feature will help people in navigating their way around your website. Moreover, the app will also monitor and adapt any new website changes. The AI can also find similar issues on other websites and fix them quicker on yours.

This is also why it’s high on our list of widgets for the Duda website builder. AudioEye offers a 30-day free trial for those who want to try it out. Otherwise, it has standard and customizable packages. The ‘simple’ package costs $49/mo, the ‘advanced’ package $199/mo, and the ‘premier’ package $499/mo.



Providing an online service comes with a myriad of questions. Part of this is the ability for availability. Most businesses offer customer service, yet most customers want something more. This includes things like online schedules, customizable appointments, and 24/7 availability from your side. Once again, Duda widgets come to the rescue!

Agendize is part of the Duda apps roster that is constantly keeping up with users’ needs. It synchronizes analytics, customizes appointment options, and integrates 24/7 AI customer service platforms. Pretty much everything is customizable at Agendize. It means you can specify an area you want to be improved on your website, and they do the rest.

Depending on the type of feature you’re going for, Agendize has a few plans. The ‘solo’ package costs $15/mo, the ‘team’ package $50/mo, and the ‘pro’ package $90/mo. So, keep Agendize in mind when looking to organize your website with Duda widgets!

Uberall – Near Me

Uberall – near me

Online marketing has overtaken offline experiences. More than half of all Google searches include the phrase ‘near me.’ This means that 1 out of 2 people will go online to find what they’re looking for. With Uberall, what they will be looking for is your business! It’s part of our must-have Duda widgets.

It runs on sophisticated software that helps boost your business in related searches. In a nutshell, widgets for Duda like Uberall deep dive into local searches and integrate your service. As a result, it helps skyrocket your service so that more people can see it.

Their packages let you customize everything from search results, examine store visits, monitor reviews in real-time, and share promos instantly! ‘Listings Light’ is the basic package that comes at $120 per year. ‘Listings Basic,’ on the other hand, comes with more features at $204 per year. Finally, Uberall offers a premium ‘Business Listings and Engage’ package at $300 per year.



Last but certainly not least on our essential widgets for Duda list is Vcita. If you want an all-inclusive app to help you manage your business, this is the jackpot you’ve been after. Calendars, customer service, payment options, documents, and marketing settings are all in one neat Duda apps package!

They offer several individual services or a full package deal, depending on what you’re looking for. What is great about Vcita is that they have a customizable plan tailored to your employee number, vision, and goal. Instead of hiring a business analyst, have Vcita do all the analyzing for you!

Widgets for Duda offer a number of pricing options. Vcita is no exception. It includes plans ranging from basic to bulked. These are the ‘essentials’ pack for $14.50/mo, ‘business’ plan for $29.50/mo, and ‘platinum’ plan for $49.50/mo.

Duda Apps Takeaway 

Apps make your websites grow faster and convert views. Either way, the answer to the question ‘Why should I use Duda apps?’ should be clear by now. Duda apps are an effective way of not only bringing in views but keeping them too.

You can opt for just some of the widgets for Duda or decide that all of them are worth it. In either case, your website will be a guaranteed hit in no time!