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13 Best WordPress Chart Plugins for Visualizing Data


With a variety of free WordPress plugins, you can add many website features, like simple sidebar widgets to contact forms and email newsletters. There is an abundance of cool widgets for WordPress that you can use to improve your site and charts and graphs are one of them. The good news in using many of the best WordPress plugins for charts and graphs is that you don’t need advanced coding skills to do it. In most cases, the best WordPress widgets work by shortcodes or are immediately added to the control panel once installed and activated.

Fair enough?

Below, we list some of the best WordPress plugins for charts and graphs that can help you create and embed statistical graphics on your website. It’s up to you if you want to add them on your landing page to show how many people use your service, or if you want to show specific information visually on various pages.

Either way, the sky’s the limit! Let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress plugins for charts and graphs.

Best WordPress Plugins Charts and Graphs

1. amCharts


One of the best WordPress widgets is amCharts. This plugin allows you to add graphics and maps with JavaScript to your messages and pages. amCharts is among the best WordPress plugins for charts and graphs and helps you design and save code snippets for your JavaScript graphics and, with a bit of help from the shortcode, place them in your posts and pages.

For those who don’t want to use shortcodes, remember, it’s a built-in PHP function that allows you to place the chart anywhere in the template, and it can work. Other crucial features include Content Delivery Network hosting providers and local graphics libraries integrations. All chart types have a configuration panel that helps you modify them!

2. iChart


iChart is among the best WordPress plugins for charts and graphs that utilize the implementation of Charts.js. It can therefore help you design responsive and beautiful tables and graphics for viewing and rendering data. The free version should be more than enough for regular users to support five different graphics types and a dedicated graphics shortcode generator.

When you upgrade to the premium version, you get access to jQuery-based data tables that allow you to create and embed graphics utilizing the shortcode generator directly. Plus, you will get access to multiple data sets and lots of options to customize and assist the design of your site’s aesthetics.

3. Easy Charts

Easy Charts

There are many reasons to consider Easy Charts among the best WordPress plugins for charts and graphs. For one, it lets you create statistical charts and embed them into pages and entries. Next, the graphics’ design is with the uvCharts JavaScript library, plus it makes use of SVG and CSS3 transitions to add more interactivity.

With Easy Charts, you can choose from twelve types of statistical graphics such as bars, areas, lines, circulars, among others. You can add multiple charts on a single page and change the statistical chart type easily. It is also possible to modify the appearance of your graphics thanks to color preferences.

4. Table Press Chart Plugin

TablePress Extension: Chartist

Out of all free WordPress plugins, TablesPress works best for presenting data by utilizing tables visually. If that is what you need, then there is no better plugin than TablePress. It’s one of the most popular plugins with features that help you build and manage a splendid variety of tables for free.

With the basic features, you will have access to provided widgets and help from shortcodes that will support your embed tables in your pages and posts. You can edit each table data by utilizing an integrated interface like a spreadsheet.

You will also get the library of JavaScript to insert features like filtering, paging, and sorting. Later, If you want to add extra extensions to these features, you can find many TablePress extensions according to your needs.

5. WP Business Intelligence

WP Business Intelligence Lite

When looking for the best WordPress plugins for charts and graphs, the WP Business Intelligence comes to your rescue. It is a splendid graphics plugin for visualization data. It is accessible in both free and paid versions. For regular website owners or bloggers, the free version is more than enough compared to the paid version that is great for businesses and organizations seeking to create a professional presence with its high-performance charts and graphics.

As for the features, the free version allows you to create tables and graphs that meet your needs. Using shortcodes, you can then embed them in your messages and pages. However, the free version includes bar charts, pie charts, and support for tables. The Pro version permits you access to eight different response graphics, including the option for unlimited database connections and connects with MS SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

6. SQL Chart Builder

SQL Chart Builder

SQL Chart Builder falls among the best WordPress plugins for charts and graphs.
It permits you to use non-WW tables and SQL WP to create splendid graphics and charts. You have the alternative to use the six chart types that are pretty popular, including area charts, circular, line, and bar. These charts, like most others, will help you represent your data correctly.

Plus, you can also use some of the pre-configured graphics designs to make your process efficient. As for the user interface, the layout remains relatively minimal and insightful. While in terms of functionality, this free WordPress plugin covers all the necessary functionalities virtually.

To get started, you can use multiple SQL queries, with an alternative to split them if you want. Shortcode support will also help you embed graphics into your WordPress posts and pages. In addition to this, you will use «Dynamic Filters» to create dynamic variables within the SQL code.

7. Supsystic Data Tables Generator

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

Need to get busy with some cool WordPress plugins? Supsystic’s Data Tables Generator chart plugin allows you to utilize fast and straightforward data management tools along with options that will quickly help to render them into tables and charts. The plugin consists of a responsive editor and intuitive configuration panel whose role is to help you with your graphical needs. Besides, you will also have access to functions that will support you search, sort, and insert formulas into your table contents.

However, this is not the end. There is also a professional plugin version that consists of even more features. This WordPress graphics plugin supports front-end table editing, diagrams, tables, graphs, and an option to import and export CSV files. The integration of WooCommerce will also help you create filterable and searchable product tables.

8. Visualizer 


When looking for the best WordPress plugins for charts and graphs, consider Visualizer. This WordPress plugin is hugely popular and influential, thanks to its intuitive and easy-to-use interface and powerful tools. Use the Google Visualization API and integration to create and manage animated and responsive graphics and diagrams in your WordPress posts and pages. All the essential and necessary features are included in the free basic version, while the more advanced options are saved for the paid version.

Regarding the mentioned features, the free version will give you access to nine different types of graphics based on HTML5/SVG technology, paired with hundreds of options for customization, to support you in easily translate your data visually. Upgrading to the Pro version will unlock three additional types of graphics, the chance to sync with your online files, create graphics for your posts and pages, and support for advanced interaction controls for your graphics.

9. Blazing Charts

Blazing Charts

Blazing Charts are one of the best WordPress widgets with various statistical graphics libraries such as HighCharts.js, ZingChart, D3.js, Morris.js, among others. These cool widgets for WordPress allow you to create a snippet of code for statistical graphics embedded in any entry or page using shortcode. This shortcode has four parameters: chart type, source, function, and options. Each of them serves to define some aspect of your statistical graph.

Also, embed graphics use a function, whether defined by another plugin or part of the theme. This function will extract the information from the database and generate the scripts for the graphs. You can name the function as a parameter of the shortcode to use it and insert it into the page.

10. Infogram Chart Plugin


Among the best WordPress widgets is also Infogram. It is a plugin for simply creating infographics and graphics. With Infogram, users can access your library and access the content directly from the visual editor. You can embed elements with a single click and add any graphics or infographic shared publicly in Infogram via a URL.

Infographics and graphics created with Infogram are pretty interactive and responsive. It offers templates with default colors; that way, the Infogram plugin takes care of the design while ‘thinking’ about entering the data correctly.

11. Snowball 


Snowball is not just a data visualization plugin and one of the best WordPress widgets, but also a block page/post plugin designed for journalists to create beautiful articles. The critical Snowball feature is the ability to make tables and charts. You can use it to generate bar and scatter charts, as well as data tables and maps.

You can use the graphical interface to make some changes to the appearance of your content blocks. If you want, you can go further and edit the CSS and HTML code. Snowball is entirely free and maintained by the OpenHTML research team at Drexel University. It should work with your current topic. However, the creators of Snowball recommend enabling the single-column theme for your Snowball articles.

12. Stockdio Historical Chart

Stockdio Historical Chart

Stockdio’s Historical Graphics plugin for WordPress consists of many widgets that assist you in displaying a live chart that shows historical prices of stocks, real-time intraday, indices, and currencies. Therefore, it is ideal for business websites to provide visitors to the website with up-to-date information relevant to them.

One of the most exciting things about this plugin is that it offers sixty-five different stock exchanges, different market indices, and raw materials. All these are included in this free plugin version. You will also have access to all the necessary action details, including its performance, culture, and the option to display price history in five different graphics formats.

What’s In Store For Your Data?

Many free WordPress plugins are available for adding statistical graphics to your website, and it is unnecessary to exceed your budget. If you want simple graphics, choosing one of the free WordPress plugins can be the tool you were looking for. And if you look for a professional design of charts and graphics, you always have premium options to achieve it. It is up to you which one you will choose!

We hope this article was helpful for you to learn more about the best WordPress widgets for data visualization.