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19 Best Pricing Tables Plugins for WordPress in 2021


Around 75 million websites worldwide use WordPress. As a popular site and content management platform, WordPress is continuously updated, upgraded, and optimized to meet all criteria of a functional website. One of the most productive ways to optimize the system is through plugins, or business-wise, WordPress pricing table plugins.   

A pricing table in WordPress represents a design element that allows an easier communication of information throughout the page and accentuates a site’s best features in order to make it more responsive and intuitive for users. With the right plugins at hand, optimizing and targeting your WordPress page will be a walk in the park. 

Below, let’s get introduced to some of the leading and free WordPress plugins to help you target your business and give your content a whole new relevance.    

Best Free WordPress Plugins for Pricing Tables

Since many companies currently use WordPress, people quickly figured out they could use free WordPress plugins to create these tables quickly and easily. Luckily, there is an array of new WordPress plugins directly intended for pricing tables, all of which are listed below.

1. wpDataTables


This plugin is one of the best known and most downloaded from the WordPress repository. Designed for pricing table, the wpDataTables plugin focuses on visualizing all kinds of data: scientific, financial, and statistical. Moreover, the plugin gives you the option to create tables by uploading Excel files, inserting a Google Docs URL, directly inserting all data manually, and generating MSQL query, PHP, CSV, JSON, and XML files.

The plugin is multilayered and boasts advanced features that allow the creation of more responsive content, especially with larger tables. Last but not least, the plugin helps create advanced filters, row grouping, and conditional formats, thus satisfying the expectations of even the most demanding users.

2. Visualizer


While most plugins on our list have tools that help create graphics via tables, Visualizer does things the opposite way. Namely, Its primary function is to create striking graphics for your visitors, so if you are prioritizing the visual effect over the data displayed, this tool will do wonders for your WordPress pricing table. 

Visualizer features nine types of graphics in its free version (and six additional ones featured in its paid version). It enables synchronization from external sources and allows users the possibility to insert these in any part of the website. As a free WordPress plugin, Visualizer’s interface creates charts in an intuitive fashion, and in mere minutes, which for users means far better results.

3. Data Tables Generator

Data Tables Generator

Looking for the best new WordPress plugins stops the moment you discover the Data Tables Generator. Thanks to this pricing table plugin, you can quickly create graphs and tables, and manage all this data efficiently within the WordPress system. The plugin will allow you to create search engines within tables, insert formulas as you would in any spreadsheet, and have paging options.

Many other display types are available in the paid version as are a few extra features. However, as the free version is integrated within WooCommerce as a way to create product tables and custom filters, you don’t really have to go pro to make the plugin work.

4. TablePress


With TablePress, you can have one of the most classic, beloved, and free WordPress plugins, offering over 800,000 installations as well as superb reviews. Bets of all, this free WordPress pricing table plugin is completely free to use. TablePress represents the ideal option for users looking to create tables quickly and effortlessly. That said, Its success lies in the fact that all data entry the plugin manages is done through an interface, almost identical to that found in any spreadsheet program. That’s not all. 

You will also find TablePress applicable for multiple import options, such as Excel, CSV, HTML, JSON, or Google Sheets. Plus, it automatically syncs from any external source. Of course, the tables created will be completely responsive and give you the option to collapse columns at will. Despite being a completely free project, the author of the plugin offers additional extensions available to purchase, in addition to having open donations, thus ultimately helping the plugin thrive and expand.

5. Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables

Among all free WordPress plugins out there, Ninja Tables is scored the highest, with 4.8 out of 5 stars earned. As a well-considered option, Ninja Tables is perfect for creating a suitable product list view, making order forms, and managing WooCommerce wholesale products and product catalogs. If you want to add pagination, sorting, or filtering to your tables, you can do it perfectly with the Ninja Table, as an optimal free WordPress pricing table plugin alternative. The addition is also compatible with SEO and displays table contents across all search engines.

6. WordPress Pricing Tables

The WordPress Pricing Tables plugin is not only free, but it’s also one of the most popular options for adding pricing tables in WordPress. The free version of the plugin comes with a handful of beneficial features including responsive table Designs for Mobiles, unlimited rows and up to 10 columns, the chance to customize various font sizes and colors, and the option to reorder columns with a simple drag and drop.

The Premium version of WordPress Pricing Tables includes four more table layouts, additional customization options, Google Analytics integration, and a selection of icons to feature in the tables. If you want a straightforward way to add attractive price or comparison tables to your WordPress site, WordPress Pricing Tables is your match made in plugin heaven! 

7. WRC Pricing Tables

WRC Pricing Tables

As a free WordPress plugin, WRC Pricing Tables is highly popular among users. Why? Well, for one, the plugin allows you to create fully customized price tables for your website and modify them easily via drag and drop. Moreover, the plugin helps create rows of elements and columns of unlimited packages, as well as reorganize rows and columns, and use a CSS code, among others. Interestingly, the plugin also allows users to change the color of content blocks and tapes using a color picker.

The plugin’s premium version includes a few extra features, like 11 pre-designed masks, import and export tables, and the integration of PayPal buttons.

8. Pricing Table By Supsytic

Pricing Table By Supsytic

This free WordPress plugin for pricing tables includes a drag and drop table generator. With it, you can modify the layout of your price blocks, add images and videos, select from several button styles, and more. The plugin also supports animations and floating badges for featured columns. In addition, there is a paid version of the plugin which comes with a premium template package.

9. Responsive Pricing Table 

Responsive Pricing Table

Responsive Pricing Table is one of the most popular free WordPress plugins for business websites and landing pages. After being installed, you can continue to choose the color of any item and currency in your table, and apply icons.

On the other hand, the premium plugin version has expanded customization options and offers over 200 pre-designed table styles, and is also compatible with Visual Composer. Nonetheless, the free WordPress plugin version is considered one of WordPress’s best and comes highly recommended for an array of users.

10. Pricing Table by RadiusTheme 

RadiusTheme is one of the best free WordPress plugins that consists of four table layouts. The process of adding content to the table is straightforward, and you can move columns from one position to the next by using the drag and drop function. Plus, you can also add an unlimited number of rows and columns to your table.

Unfortunately, RadiusTheme does not come with a table preview functionality.
This means that you will need to insert the abbreviated table code into a blog page manually or post to view your table’s layout. Using PHP, you can place the table into a page template. Even though there are only four designs available, they all serve a superb purpose. The RadiusTheme pricing table plugin is a great table solution that is fairly simple to manage, even for unsavvy WordPress users.

11. Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables is among the most popular free WordPress plugins for business sites. Once you have created a price table with the plugin’s help, you can incorporate it into any page or entry by using a shortcode. You are allowed to use your CSS code which means the plugin will work with any theme chosen. The plugin also makes it possible to highlight a particular column and keep it marked, as well as change its design.

Although the free version will do the trick for your WordPress pricing tables, the premium plugin version offers even more options, like 10 professional designs, extended customization, price change, Google Analytics integration, and else.

12. Kento

Kento is a free price comparison plugin for WordPress that supports shortcodes. The plugin is created with CSS and HTML only. As Kento does not use JavaScript, your price tables will have far better performance as well as better compatibility with mobile devices. The plugin’s premium version offers five premium themes, custom font sizes, the ability to highlight a featured column and even more customization features.

13. PriceFish

PriceFish is a free add-on for creating price tables in WordPress. Its suite of cloud services also includes a comprehensive analytics tool, and with it, you can track the performance of your price charts and make changes on the fly.

14. ThemesCode Pricing Table

TC Pricing Table is one of the ultimate free WordPress plugins that allows you to create lightweight and minimalist price comparison plans and tables. Using the free version, you will get unlimited columns, rows, color schemes, and the ability to display your tables with shortcodes. However, the PRO version offers ten professional flat themes, various column shapes, four ribbon styles, and compatibility with FontAwesome icons.

15. ADL Pricing Table

The free version of the ADAL Pricing Table plugin offers many visual and functional options, including shadows, hover animations, unlimited color options, and more. Each table is 100% responsive and fully customizable. The premium version includes six more beautiful themes, ribbons, compatibility with FontAwesome, and more customization tools. 

16. Pricing Table Builder

Pricing Table Builder

The Pricing Table Builder is one of the best free WordPress website plugins. Its main features offer unlimited plan options, ribbons, featured columns, and up to 12 free themes to choose from. The premium plugin version grants you access to 120 professional themes, all customizable to your requirements.

17. Pricing Tables for Visual Composers

Pricing Tables for Visual Composers

This WordPress pricing table plugin was initially created as a Visual Composer plugin. It allows users to build responsive price tables for a variety of WordPress sites and modify them at the same time, as well as insert custom headers, and enable animations, among other functions.

18. Pricing Table By Shaon

Pricing Table By Shaon

This free WordPress price table plugin allows you to create highly detailed price tables with many items and blocks of content. In terms of functions, the plugin lets you rearrange columns and rows according to your needs, clone an existing table, and insert tool information, to name a few. All tables the plugin generates are embedded with shortcodes.

19. POWr Price Table

POWr Price Table

POWr Price Table is a free WP plugin for creating customizable price tables. Unlike other similar add-ons, this plugin allows you to accept donations via PayPal, even with its free version. It is supplied with a “Featured Product” option and is fully customizable in both colors and typography. The premium version allows you to remove the POWr brand (logos and watermarks) and offers premium customer support.

What Are WordPress Widget Plugins? 

WordPress Widget Plugins are small blocks with various functionalities that can be incorporated into different parts of the web. You can place them on the sidebars, footer, or even – depending on the template – anywhere else on the web.

WordPress Widget Plugins allow you to add text blocks, images, links, menus, and other content on the web quickly and efficiently. They are easily editable and can be managed from the WordPress menu Appearance > Widgets. WordPress has a few default widgets, some quite helpful, as the Navigation Menu or Categories.

How do you install WordPress widget plugins? The first thing to know is that widgets are an essential part of plugins. That said, some WordPress widget plugins will only contain widgets. At the same time, other plugins offer widgets as an additional feature atop all other existing functionalities (for example, an event plugin that adds a widget with a calendar). With WordPress widget plugins, you can visually enrich your WordPress and quickly add all kinds of content.

In short, WordPress widget plugins allow users to expand the functionalities of a WordPress theme template. Many templates come with widgets beyond those that WordPress offers as these alone simply don’t suffice. With WordPress widget plugins, you can improve your website and add social networks, company information, and showcase blog categories or posts to create forms, banners, or call-to-action buttons, among other features. 

To Plugin or Not to Plugin?

If you want to optimize your WordPress pricing table performance, then yes, plugins are a must. You can rely on all of these free WordPress plugins to design stunning and professional price charts. However, as some plugins offer more customization options and advanced features, than others, such as float effects and prefabricated table designs, doing some research ahead of time is well due. 

If you are looking for an excellent free pricing table, feel free to check the Responsive Pricing Table and Pricing Table, courtesy of Supsystic. For the smoothest experience and use, you can never go wrong with Go Pricing and the ARPrice full version, as both offer high-quality table designs, outstanding site features, and hundreds of customization options.