22 Simple Site-Building Platforms That Are Not WordPress

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Summary (TL;DR): In this article, we are going to discuss the many different alternatives to WordPress. While WordPress is a powerful platform that powers around 40% of the internet, it is not for everyone. We’ve composed a list of 22 great site-building platforms that may be just what you are looking for.

You want to have your own webpage, but you don’t know how to build or design it? We have 22 solutions for you – and creating a website with site builders is now easier than ever. 

There is no doubt a website can be beneficial to any business. 

The real question is – what kind of website is the best fit for your needs? 

What Type of Websites Can You Create With Site-Builders?

With countless site-building platforms available, you can build any type of website. Whether you need a one-pager, a landing page, a blogging website, or anything in between, site-builders can do it all. 

However, having so many options or not knowing where to start looking for one can be frustrating. This is why we have picked and shortly elaborated on 22 simple site-building platforms that are not WordPress.

Site-Building Platforms Breakdown

Following is the breakdown of 22 site-building platforms.



Carrd is a one-page site-building platform that does anything you can think of. With Carrd, you can create a professional-looking website with minimal effort in no time. 

Carrd Demo Site

In addition, creating a website that is fully responsive and secure has never been easier. And the best part is – you won’t need to spend a cent, as it is entirely free.

However, Carrd does have a premium package that you can get with as little as $19 per year. Premium features include custom domains, more pages, forms, widgets, no branding, and the ability to use Google Analytics.



The website-builder Zyro offers a superb interface, including unique design tools with which you can shape your webpage. The site-building platform allows easy creation for various types of pages – from blogs to eCommerce sites.

Zyro Design Templates

The site builder offers SSL coverage, meaning that you won’t need to worry about your website’s security. But when it comes to Zyro’s free plan, the features seem to be somewhat limited.

Thus, Zyro offers four different website plans: Basic – for personal brands, Unleashed – for businesses, an eCommerce plan, and eCommerce plus. Each plan has a specific price tag per month, and it is up to you to pick your best fit.



uKit is an excellent site-building platform for creating a website for offline businesses or small online е-stores. The slick site builder helps you shape, design, and add widgets with no coding at all. Additionally, uKit offers web security and privacy, as well as search engine optimization.

uKit Design Templates

Creating a website that is simple, mobile-friendly, and responsive is uKit’s forte. Unfortunately, uKit doesn’t have a free plan available.

However, it does have a 14-day money-back guarantee on its four plans. You can subscribe to their Minimal, Basic, eCommerce, or Pro Plans and start creating your website right away.



Mobirise is a free site-building application that can create small or medium websites, online resumes, or landing pages. The site-builder app is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

With Mobirise, you can create fast, mobile-friendly, and high-ranking websites even if you cannot code a line. Moreover, creating a website with Mobirise can also come in handy for professional programmers. If you are one, you can use it for fast prototyping or speed-building a small project. 

Mobirise Design Templates

The Mobirise community counts more than 1 million users. If you decide to join them, you have the option to purchase the premium website builder kit for $149.    

IM Creator

IM Creator

IMCreator is a website builder chosen by 17 million creators worldwide. The free site-building platform allows you to build SEO-friendly eCommerce pages – and they are scalable.

Whether you need a one-pager or 500 web pages, IM Creator has you covered. If you are a student, artist, or a non-profit – you are eligible to apply for a completely free license.

IM Creator Design Templates

The license features unlimited hosting, connection to your domain, access to all themes, and many other features. The site-building platform also offers a premium account for $8/m and unlimited licenses with a white label for $350/y. 


Persona Cargo Website builder

Creating a website with Cargo Persona is a powerful and economical experience. The templates’ site builder is part of the Cargo set of web tools.

You can use the fully customizable site-building platform to create portfolios, shops, magazines, or anything of any size or scope. 

Websites built with Persona

The good news?

Persona offers building sites for free. However, if you decide to make the site public, you will be asked to choose between 2 options. A standard site upgrades for $99 per year / $13 per month or With Commerce for an additional $9 per month. Students and non-profits can sign up and get Persona’s services for free. 



Launchaco is a site-building automated application that will guide your start-up through the process of setup and creation. You can create your webpage using Launchaco’s app for free

Launchaco Templates

However, the platform also offers a premium version for $49.99 per year. The main differences are that the premium version removes the branding, creates downloadable websites, and allows custom-URL hosting. And if a secure webpage is a must – the site builder is one of the best applications for data protection. 

Additionally, Launchaco has implemented dashboard management suitable for business owners allowing them a single control point.  



If you are looking for an inexpensive site builder with awesomely designed themes – Weblium has you covered. The platform offers an effortless way of creating a webpage with neither coding nor designing skills required.

Weblium has over 250 ready-to-use templates with customizable sections. Additionally, you can add or remove sections according to your needs. The site builder allows access to an image library, a site styles manager, built-in integrations, and marketing tools. 

Weblium Design Templates

And don’t worry – they have three pricing plans available to match anyone’s needs: free, pro, and landing pro. The landing pro is a lifetime deal that comes with three hosted pages for $196. 



SimpleSite is yet another site-builder that lives up to its name. Creating a website with SimpleSite is pretty straightforward. You would have your website ready to use in just three steps – and it is free of charge.

SimpleSite Design Templates

Although the editor is a little limited, there are plenty of valuable features.

The platform lets you choose your design, background, and colors, as well as a personal domain name. Using SimpleSite, you can set up your own online store and even include a contact page and a map (discover how to add custom interactive maps). SimpleSite creates websites that are optimized for standard browsers, tablets, and mobile phones too. 



Creating a website with Strikingly can take just a few minutes. Just like most of the site-building platforms, Strikingly requires no code nor any kind of design skills.

Their platform is excellent for blogging, and it is considered one of the cheapest builders to sell through. However, they lack scaling, and their eCommerce options are limited. Strikingly has a free plan available.

Strikingly Design Templates

Furthermore, they have a limited plan for $8/month, a pro plan for $16/month, and a VIP plan for $49/month. The platform enables SSL on custom domains. Therefore, you would have to be on a limited or pro plan for your web page to be secure.  



Landingi is a site builder that enables the creation of high-converting landing pages. They offer over 400 landing pages and pop-up templates. The platform does not have a free version available.

However, they do offer a free 14-day trial for all their pricing plans. Their plans might be priced on the higher side; however, you’ll be billed annually.

Landingi Template

The Agency plan costs $149/m, the Automate Plan costs $79/m, and the Create plan costs $55/m. Their most expensive plan features unlimited conversions and landing pages and a one-time migration service. Furthermore, the plan offers 300,000 unique visitors/month, 30 custom domains, and ten subaccounts. 



Creating a website for your small business can be rather tricky. If you want your business to engage with a new audience, collect leads, and close sales – Leadpages can make that possible.

Through the site-building platform, you can build websites with ease. More than 40,000 small businesses have chosen Leadpages.

LeadPages Design Templates

The platform has three pricing plans. If you choose to pay annually, you can get Standard for $27/month, Pro for $59/month, and Advanced for $239/month. Their cheapest plan includes one site, free hosting, landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars. Unlimited traffic, mobile-responsive site templates, lead notifications, and provided tech support as well.



The site builder makes creating a user–friendly website a walk in the park. Additionally, WebSelf offers all prime features for free. The site-building process is done within minutes, and adding new pages and features is a simple process too.

Their free plan includes five pages and the basic features. Adapted templates, customizable backgrounds, and starting a template from scratch are the designing options that come with the free plan.

WebSelf Design Templates

Moreover, features like multimedia, forms, files, social networks, apple maps, and SEO are all free. Webself has three additional plans: Basic, Pro, and eCommerce, ranging from 7.95 €/month up to 16.95€/month.



Unbounce is a landing site builder that turns traffic into revenue. The site-building platform uses a drag-and-drop builder, enabling you to build your website in an easy and fast fashion.

If you wish to create testing variants quickly or to split test your site, then Unbounce is a great choice.

Unbounce Design Templates

Unbounce offers a free trial, as they do not have a free version available. Their pricing plans range from $80 to $300 per month. The platform has powered over 15,000 brands worldwide, making it one of the best landing page platforms. is a site builder that helps you build a one-pager to promote yourself and your business. The platform offers a free version, including an email signature with your free link. However, if you decide to subscribe for $8 per month, you get various features.

From removing the branding to Google Analytics and additional pages for Testimonials, Portfolios, Videos, and many others. website

You also gain access to a customizable Spotlight button and the option to connect to your domain. Additional functionality is the ability to capture leads and book meetings through your Google account.



The site-building landing page service Instapage offers various design options and templates and an excellent feedback system. Creating a website with drag-and-drop builders is the most efficient way of building a site – and Instapage utilizes it.

InstaPage Layout

However, the platform lacks creative options for Forms, some design flexibility, and dynamic text. Instapage offers six products as one integrated platform: landing pages, personalization, experimentation, adMap, collaboration, and page speed.

They have two pricing plans, a Building plan for $299/month and a Converting plan with customizable features and pricing. Surprisingly, the Building plan lacks essential features such as multi-step forms, a 24/7 emergency line, and most services. 



Ucraft is a drag-and-drop website-building platform that can be used for any purpose. Whether you own a business, are an artist, or are a blogger, Ucraft is here to assist.

Ucraft Design Templates

Creating a website with the free version includes Ucaft branding, an SSL certificate, and limited customization.

Their most popular pricing plan is the Pro Website, which you get with as little as $10 per month. The Pro plan allows you to connect your domain, and you get an unlimited number of bandwidth and pages. Their Advanced plan allows password-protected pages and the ability to embed HTML/CSS/JS codes.



Tilda is a site builder that offers excellent design and adaptability. Hence, Tilda is a site-building platform that is great for search optimization. And the good news is – you can make a site with their collection of blocks for free.

Tilda Design

You can use Tilda to make a company website, corporate blogs, presentations, online stores, or anything you can think of.

The full access to their blocks, a custom domain, and other features can be unlocked with Personal Plan for $15/m. The Business Plan additionally features five websites and a code export for $25 per month. Their library has over 200 ready-made templates, and all of them feature flexible settings for an original design.

With this site builder, you can create your own website for only $1 per month. The site-building process consists of only three steps: pick a theme, fill in the content, and you are all set. The platform does not require any programming nor designing knowledge. design templates

Additionally, you get a web page optimized for any device – which means your SEO rank will strike high.

And the great news is, for only a dollar per month, you get to pick a custom domain name. The has an available support team and a free building trial. 



Creating a website with one of the simplest website-building platforms 8b is a seamless process. You can create mobile-optimized and Google-friendly websites with just a few clicks. You can access unlimited hosting, domain, SSL, Google AMP, SEO, PWA, and site export with this site builder.

8B design templates

In addition, you gain access to all their features by subscribing to their $2/month plan. Nevertheless, the free plan also includes an SSL certificate – so you do not need to worry about your website’s security.

However, if you opt for the free option, you cannot remove ads or export your site. 



You can create the website of your dreams using the Bookmark AI-powered site builder. The site-building service can get your business online in a couple of minutes.

With the help of artificial intelligence, you get a fully functional and responsive website in 2 minutes.

Bookmark Sites

Their pricing plans include a Free of Charge Plan, a Professional Plan for $14.99 per month, and a Business Plan for $29.99 per month. The Professional plan offers no ads solution and a connection to your domain. In contrast, the Business plan gains you access to the fully integrated e-commerce features.



With the site-building service Onepager, you can spend less time managing your webpage and more time growing your business. The site builder has a Starter Plan for $8 per month and a Plus Plan for $15 per month. With the Starter plan, you get a free domain for a year, a connection to your domain, and free SSL security.

You can use Starter Onepager to build a simple eCommerce site or any kind of webpage.

OnePager design templates

On the other hand, the Plus plan includes creating and hosting five websites and unlimited bandwidth and storage. Removal of Onepager ads, 20 newsletters/month, and embed HTML/JavaScript are options featured by the Plus plan.

To Sum Up

Websites are what get your business and brands growing. 

Today the question isn’t whether your business needs a website – instead what kind of website it needs. And, more importantly – how to build it. 

If one of the 22 site-building platforms listed seems like a match, make sure to try it out. And if few picked up on you – start creating your website & enjoy the perks of the online world.