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Wix vs WordPress – Which One is Better?

Anyone who is looking to start their own website can find themselves unable to choose between the WordPress and Wix.
That is why we are going to compare the two based on a few crucial parameters and help you make the right choice.

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19 Best Pricing Tables Plugins for WordPress in 2021

Around 75 million websites worldwide use WordPress. As a popular site and content management platform, WordPress is continuously updated, upgraded, and optimized to meet all criteria of a functional website. One of the most productive ways to optimize the system is through plugins, or business-wise, WordPress pricing table plugins.    A pricing table in WordPress represents […]

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The Top 7 Wix Templates

The Top 7 Wix Templates

Wix is affordable and easy to use. Best of all, they offer massive library of Wix templates to get almost any website up in record time.

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The 20 Best Tournament Maker Examples

Here Ye and Hearken, ye old tournaments have been around for many ages. From the Greek Olympiad to Medieval jousting to national spelling bees, gathering people together for a group competition is as old as written history. Nowadays, many tournaments have gone digital in their creation, management, and even play through organized eSports/gaming competitions. Fans […]

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Top 12 Pricing Table Examples and Plugins

No matter what you’re looking to buy, as a consumer, knowing the cost is critical in making a purchasing decision. If it’s hidden or unclear? You’re more than likely to take your business elsewhere. This is especially true when it comes to eCommerce. As a seller, you want to give your prospects the same experience […]

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Top 8 Table Chart Makers for Blogs & Websites

There’s a fairly good chance that table charts were invented before written language was. A couple of cavemen decided to compare their hunting skills by placing markings on a cave wall. Each had their column, days may be rows, and there you have it: the first table chart in history. Today, table charts are one […]

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Top 11 Bracket Makers for 2021

What’s the best book in any genre? Who’s the best Kardashian? What’s the greatest NBA team of all time? A bracket tournament is a great way to figure it out – with your friends. And if you’re organizing any kind of competition with your friends or foes? A bracket is a terrific way to keep […]

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