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How to Embed Facebook Feed on Your Website for Free

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Summary (TL;DR): In this article, we are going to explain what a Facebook feed is, and how to embed it on your website — regardless of what website building platform you are using.

Facebook is playing one of the most important brand marketing roles in today’s modern and technologically-boosted digital era, so the need to embed Facebook feed to websites is paramount for business. 

In fact, extensive research suggests that more than 90% of the world’s B2C and B2B marketers rely on Facebook’s marketing trends to advertise both their services and products to targeted audiences. 

The astounding effects of social media marketing come as a result of their main engagement tactics, such as shares, likes, polls, and comments. The more customers interact with your brand through social media, the greater the chances to expand your services across other customers and target groups.

Embed Facebook in your website
Facebook Feed

As Facebook represents the unofficial pillar of online marketing, one way to accomplish seamless customer engagement and generate quality leads is to embed Facebook feed to websites!

When implemented right, your website-featured Facebook feed will gain you more comments and likes and engage your visitors to explore all areas of interest right from your site and with no redirections!

Regardless of your hosting – WordPress, Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace – here is a detailed guide on how to get your Facebook feed embedded to websites!

How to Embed Facebook Feed to Website?

1. WordPress

Add Facebook feed to WordPress site
Embed Facebook feed on your WordPress website

WordPress is a quality website platform and among the most popular and used today. WordPress comes boasting a variety of useful features that allow users to generate, share, create, and publish content. To embed Facebook feed to your website, meaning a WordPress 5.0 site, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Initialize your WordPress platform;
  2. Next, generate the Taggbox code and copy it once done;
  3. Open your WordPress backend page and choose where to display the Facebook feeds.
  4. Go back to your WordPress Editor – in the top left corner – and click on ‘(+) Add Block’
  5. Here, select Formatting, and once done, click HTML;
  6. Paste the previously copied code in the editor;
  7. Update or Publish the post and notice the implemented changes!

And that’s it – you did it!

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Embed Facebook Feed to Website Using WordPress Plugin

If you are willing to embed Facebook feed to websites that use WordPress and do so without any special technical coding experience, you can always add a free plugin to help you out, such as the Taggbox Widget WordPress Plugin’.

This simple-to-use tool allows users to customize and moderate their Facebook feeds and decide how they are showcased on the site. This approach provides integrated options, with the plugin actively working to enhance the site performance. 

By getting the Facebook feed embedded to websites, you will gain valuable insights, increase user engagement, manage social media more efficiently, and track your performance with the help of the plugin’s analytics feature.

2. Wix

Add Facebook feed to Wix site
Embed Facebook feed on your Wix website

The Wix platform has more than a million global users under its belt. It boasts a unique design and cloud-based concept that requires no expert effort to manage.
If you want to showcase art, promote any kind of business, or start an online shop – Wix is your go-to provider in terms of both simplicity and efficiency. 

In terms of succeeding to embed Facebook feed to websites that use Wix, here are the steps to take:

  1. Select and open the Wix Facebook feed;
  2. Next, use the generated embed code from the Taggbox Widget and copy it;
  3. Open the Wix Editor, continue to the page, and decide where your code will fit the best; 
  4. Select the +Add option;
  5. Click the More button, and choose HTML Iframe;
  6. Paste the HTML code in the respective coding field;
  7. Done? Save your changes by clicking Apply.

Congratulations, your Wix has been boosted with a new Facebook feed – now put it to good use!

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3. Squarespace

Add Facebook feed to Squrespace site
Embed Facebook feed on your Squarespace website

If you are in search of developing and building a website that is SAAS-based and enables the use of external codes – all the while providing you with tons of beautiful and creative design templates, free customization, third-party apps, and other superb features – then Squarespace is the boost you’ve waiting for. Squarespace is a leading website builder so given its popularity you can only imagine what adding a Facebook feed to the site will do for you and your business growth!

Here’s how to embed Facebook feed to website that’s Squarespace-based:

  1. Launch the Squarespace Facebook account;
  2. Generate the unique embed code, using Taggbox for free, and then copy it;
  3. Decide where your code will be placed;
  4. Select the ‘Edit Block \ +Add’ to continue;
  5. Choose More;
  6. Go to URL and select the <\> icon;
  7. Click Apply to save all changes.

Have a look at your new embedded Facebook feed – cool, huh?

4. Weebly

Add Facebook feed to Weebly site
Embed Facebook feed on your Weebly website

Weebly is the leader in creating specialized eCommerce websites. Its CMS services are of the highest ranks whereas the brand collaborates 50 million websites globally.

Weebly is a remarkable site to use and counts in a variety of features and functionalities that make online shops look good. For aspiring sellers who want to get their products out there, Weebly is a more than recommended solution to embed Facebook feed to websites. After all, what would a Weebly site be without its Facebook feed embedded to websites? Providing your customers with a front-and-center shop and a social media outlet is major business-wise and it can really spice up those profits.  

For those curious to embed Facebook feed to websites based on Weebly, here’s how to get it right:

  1. Open the Weebly Facebook platform;
  2. Use the Taggbox plugin to obtain the Facebook code and copy it;
  3. Launch the Weebly app and find the perfect place for your embedded code; 
  4. Click the Navigation bar on your left, select Embed Code, and move it to the desired place; 
  5. Next, go to the HTML box, and click Edit Custom HTML;
  6. Paste the code in the box;
  7. Publish or update changes to see your Facebook feed on your Weebly page.

You’re all set and ready to get those followers! 

For those in favor of visuals, you can also find a detailed how-to guide on the Weebly site or YouTube.

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So What’s the Catch?

If you were wondering what a Facebook feed embedded to websites can do for business, you’re in for a ride. Trusted as a tool by countless renowned brands, integrating your Facebook feed into your blog, store or other types of website can lend a helping hand in:

  • Boosts social and customer-brand interaction;
  • Making your website more appealing and user-friendly;
  • Providing more interesting content to be explored;
  • Combining the best of both worlds: social media and website experiences;
  • Boosting user engagement;
  • Displaying the brand’s products with UGC, or user-generated content;
  • Increasing trust and loyalty for your brand;
  • Elevating reliability and reputation;
  • Improving your site’s Google ranking;
Marketing and user engagement with facebook feed
Boost marketing and user engagement

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg in getting your Facebook feed embedded to websites!

Before You Go…

If you’re serious about making the most of your professional social media presence and getting your designated website places, it’s almost impossible to do it without binding the two in a union.

Display Social Feed on your website
Combine your social media with your website

Of course, to just embed Facebook feed to websites will do very little if you don’t ensure to keep the site’s social media account vibrant, dynamic, and inviting. Keep in mind that high paced marketing solutions are emerging daily, and social media are taking on different, more significant roles in making your business look good and do good – so keep up with the trends, provide quality content, and trust the power of your loyal community to scale your online business to immense success!

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