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Build & Monetize E-Commerce Apps With Ease

An end-to-end platform for developing & monetizing e-commerce apps.

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Common Ninja Developer Platform

How it Works

1. Create a Common Ninja app

Sign up to the Common Ninja developer platform and create your first app.

Create a Common Ninja app

2. Integrate with E-Commerce Platforms

Connect your e-commerce app API keys to your Common Ninja app.

Integrate with Shopify

3. Start developing!

Use Common Ninja's API, start building your app and avoid spending time on authentication, reading documentation, and understanding how e-commerce platforms API works.

Start developing!
Want to learn more? Checkout our documentation.

Focus on Building a Product We Take Care of the Rest!

A free developer platform that helps you build and monetize e-commerce apps with a robust set of tools that will allow you to create your app faster, with less effort and lower costs.

Monetize Your App With Ease

With a simple interface you can define the available features that your app has to offer, and then create plans for different tiers and users.

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Develop With Popular Technologies You Know and Love

Choose the technology you want, our RESTful API is robust, flexible, and accessible from any stack.


Build Once — Integrate with Multiple Platforms

Create apps for Shopify and monetize them. The apps you create can also be launched on other e-commerce platforms.

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Built for Indie Developers in Mind

The platform is built for indie developers in mind, and as such, it is supported by a growing, friendly community & detailed documentation.

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Developed With Common Ninja

Here are just some of the amazing apps developed on the Common Ninja Developer Platform:

What Developers Say


The first moment I started developing on the platform I was excited about the ease with which I got into things, the order and organization of the code. It is evident that amazing architectural work has been done here from developer to developer. There is full use of React's with Typescript and full of best practices, including a storybook of an efficient and useful collection of components. highly recommend!

Elad Cohen


I was so inspired when I found Common Ninja. It fills a gap that’s missing when building cross-platform plugins and solves many complexities. Overall, it just makes plugins development fun and fast, so you can build more!

Elior Tabeka




Our Starter plan has everything you need in order to get started and launch your app.

1,000 stores

50k monthly API requests

5GB asset storage(?)

2% transaction fee(?)

Unlimited integrations (?)

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$19 / Month

More traffic, advanced features and support for successful apps who want to grow.

20k stores

1m monthly API requests(?)

50GB asset storage(?)

1% transaction fee(?)

Unlimited integrations (?)

elipseStart for Free


$99 / Month

Need more juice? The Business plan will allow you to unleash the full powers of your app!

100k stores

10m monthly API requests(?)

500GB asset storage(?)

0.5% transaction fee(?)

Unlimited integrations (?)

elipseStart for Free
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What else you need to know?


Is the Common Ninja Developer Platform really free?

Yes, the platform is free (subject to fair use).

Can I integrate my app with other platforms other than Shopify?

Yes, of course. Once you develop an app with Common Ninja, your app automatically can be integrated with any other platform we support.

How do I start?

It’s simple, really. You just sign up and start building your app.

I already have an app on one platform, can I still use Common Ninja?

Yes you can. You will, however, have to make adjustments to your app to integrate it with the Common Ninja Developer Platform.

I have questions, how do I contact you?

You can easily contact us by sending an email to [email protected].

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Our community is our strength. It is where you can share ideas, ask questions, get help and, most importantly — learn and grow as a developer! To help make communication between you and other members of our community easier, we’ve created a dedicated server that you can easily join.

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