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About Analytics apps for Shopify

Shopify is a ruling platform where online businesses can sell their store products. Shopify is among the greatest online selling platforms. Why? It provides user-friendly tools, offers a simplified store performance, and delivers outstanding business results.

A day in eCommerce is about controlling a large influx of information from all around the world. Managing the data manually and running the business is utterly difficult.

To monitor your site performance and efficiency, you should consider implementing Shopify Analytics. Shopify Analytics will provide you access to your store's activity, and give you insight into your customers’ behavior. It will also monitor your online store speed and your ongoing transactions.

Shopify Analytics includes high selected plugins for eCommerce KPIs for each report made. With automated Analytics Shopify plugins, you will learn everything on your site’s traffic, activity, engagement, and efficiency. Some Shopify plugins send you daily and weekly KPI reports based on your dashboard and settings. This way, you can be up to date with the most important figures of your store. The reports also include data on customer experience, site success, client retention, and marketing strategy success. Shopify free tools for Analytics will also help increase your revenue. They will revamp your store personalization and help you appeal better to customers. With Shopify Analytic plugins, you will understand your customers’ needs better and act upon their wishes. Resultantly, your brand loyalty will increase tremendously.

Users who rely on Google Analytics can make use of specialized Analytics Shopify plugins. These plugins will collect the information from Google Analytics and send them to your Shopify admin. After you set up these plugins, the analytics process becomes automated. These extensions will uncover relevant information about every order you receive. They will display the product views and Add to carts options for each product.

Analytics Shopify apps will show you the products your customers selected but didn’t purchase. With them, you will also have the option to choose an analytics plan. The plan includes data regarding your daily sales and traffic. Such information is ideal to acquire for upselling and increasing your revenue. Knowing your customers is the key to a successful Shopify business!

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