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Floating Widgets - Add unlimited floating widgets, popups, videos, banners, surveys... to your Shopify store

The Floating Widgets App lets you add unlimited widgets to your store. It lets you add banners, offers, announcements, videos, surveys and embed any widget to your store. The widgets are floating on the page. You can change the widgets settings, position, size, make them closable, add a delay before they get opened... You can even restrict widgets to specific pages. The app has many more features.

OS 2.0 Compatible | App Embed

The app can be enabled/disabled in your theme settings with a single click. It's fully compatible with the new O.S. 2.0 system. You don't need to edit any of your theme liquid files to use it. It just works!


  • Create unlimited banners, floating images, call to action buttons, announcements...
  • Add as many videos, popup boxes, surveys, embedded widgets... as you want to your store
  • No programming or coding required
  • Easy to use and user-friendly UI
  • Auto-install, the App get installed and works with your theme seamlessly
  • Fully configure the widgets
  • Add delays before widgets get displayed on the page
  • Restrict widgets to specific pages
  • Add closable and non-closable widgets


Starting from $9.8 per month.

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