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About Social Sharing apps for Shopify

Shopify is among the most trusted eCommerce service providers worldwide. It’s a platform that helps you build, launch, and improve your online site, and grow your business. Testifying to Shopify’s efficiency is the fact that over 174 countries around the world use it as an eCommerce business outlet.

Now, let’s wonder a bit. What would a Shopify site be without its own Social Sharing?

Not a highly successful one.

Social media and Shopify are intertwined and codependent on one another. Everybody knows, a shopping site is not only good online but all over social media, too. What can a Social Sharing integration do for your Shopify site exactly?

Well, Shopify Social Sharing leverages social media before anything else, and in favor of your business. Its role is to connect you to your customers, loyal and potential, and make your brand look good on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more! A top-notch Shopify Social Sharing will focus on promoting your products in front of a larger market. With it, your shopping brand will be recognized by worldwide shoppers. Once you’re on social media, real marketing begins. The more people interact with your brand socially, the more they will take interest in buying your products. It’s every Shopify owner’s job to provide the utmost Social Sharing experience. To do that, manual work is no good - your Shopify Social Sharing will need plugins.

A huge perk of using Shopify Social Sharing plugins is their specialized buttons.

They redirect your customers from your social media to your store. Also, they increase the site traffic and improve your SEO. With a single button, you have a bridge to more than 40 social networks and tenfold more customers. Plugins for Shopify Social Sharing are automated and faster than manual inputs. They increase brand loyalty, all due to plugin icons. A catchy icon on your store bar enables customers to share the content to their feed. You can also offer an arbitrary discount for visitors that reshare your content. It will increase sales and provide you with quality marketing - a win-win for everyone. The Shopify Social Sharing plugins come with templates that mirror the content and the idea.

To install Shopify free tools for Social Sharing, you don’t need to be an IT expert.

Finding, obtaining, and embedding these plugins is quicker and easier with Common Ninja.

As a community service to all Shopify site owners, Common Ninja boasts the best selection of plugins. Explore today to become a pro in Social Sharing for Shopify!

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