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About Comments apps for Webflow

Webflow is among the best website builders in the world. The platform helps 400+ daily users build, launch and maintain any type of website. With a worldwide presence in over 190 countries, Webflow’s websites are visually stunning, responsive, and downright business-oriented.

Starting a Webflow website is as simple as falling off a log. However, one of the main success criteria to consider in the process is customer feedback. Everything your site offers should appeal to your clientele and engage them to stay on-site.

Want to discover how your customers feel about your Webflow business?

Integrating Webflow Comments to your site will give you the answers!

Webflow Comments can be easily implemented with plugins, which can let you scan through positive and negative comments on your website.In addition, the Comments plugin will let visitors comment on the content placed on your site using their own Facebook accounts.

Moreover, you can choose whether to share your comment activity with friends on Facebook too. The Comments plugin also comes with built-in moderation tools and social relevance ranking.

The Webflow Comments plugins include a vast variety of functions that will aid your site. Some of the functions completed by the Webflow Comments plugin include sorted comment lists by newest, oldest, and most voted comments.

Others include responsive comment forms and thread designs, multi-level comment threads. The Comments plugin will also allow users to create a new discussion thread and reply to existing comments. With the Comments plugin, you can also control commenters by roles and restrict the website comment area. Other fun features include sticky comments, built-in Gravatar caching, and closed comments threads.

Adding a Webflow Comments widget is a time-tested method for increasing user engagement and conversion. This Webflow widget is often suggested by web professionals as a best practice for supercharging a Webflow site. You can also contribute to the look of your Webflow Comments section by detailing the fonts, colors, and spacing. All can be customized to make your brand identity stand out among the others. The designing process is automatically responsive to look impressive on any cell phone, tablet, or web-browser.

The biggest perk when using the Webflow Comments is the no-code requirement for establishing them.

Embedding a Webflow Comments app onto your site has never been easier!

You can save a lot of time searching for your perfect Webflow Comment plugins with our services here at Common Ninja.

We will introduce you to the best sets of plugins and Webflow extensions and will make it even easier to implement and customize!

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