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About Translation apps for Webflow

Webflow is one of the most popular customizable drag-and-drop website building tools. The platform has customers ranging from freelancers, small agencies, and marketing teams to large enterprises. Nothing speaks more of a platform than their number of happy and content users – and Webflow currently powers over 100,000 websites. Moreover, the platform has done an outstanding job in customizing websites and simply has no limits. The good news - it offers its services free of charge.

Whether you are a freelancer or looking forward to starting a small e-commerce site, Webflow will rise to the challenge. The website building platform is so powerful due to the use of Webflow plugins and Webflow integrations. If you are new to the world of building websites, you don’t have to worry; this platform has it simple – regardless of what you intend to build, there is a Webflow plugin waiting for you.

A website enables anyone to reach a new audience, and with the Webflow Translation Plugin, the sky will be your only limit. Increasing your visits, engagement, and conversations has never been easier, and with the help of the Webflow Translation plugin, it can be done in any language.

By using a Webflow translation solution, your multilingual site will be set in just a few seconds. You will no longer need to worry about manually translating your content; instead, the Webflow Translation plugin will do it for you. Duplicate sites will no longer be needed, given that you will have your website available in any language you want.

With the integration of the Webflow translation plugin, you can choose to have multiple languages available for your content. Your audience will be able to select their desired language from a drop-down menu. And just like that, the creation of a responsive, multilingual site is done.

Unfortunately, Webflow does not support RTL, meaning that languages such as Arabic are not natively supported. However, a quick workaround will help you translate your site in a language that uses right to left alignment.

Therefore, if your targeted audience is international, making your site multilingual is your go-to. And with the help of Webflow Translation plugins, the job will be done within seconds.

If you have already decided to have a multilingual site but don’t know where to start, we have you covered. The Common Ninja service is here to assist you in searching for the right plugin for you and making your website-building journey as simple as possible!

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