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If you need a one-of-a-kind, successful website, then Wix is the right choice for you. Wix is a modern website builder that has proven time and time again to be superbly efficient.

Millions of daily users are proud of the accomplishments that Wix has helped them surpass. The best thing about Wix is it lets you maintain your individuality, meaning you won’t have to stick to designing a basic scheme.

As a category, calendars play a huge role in building business sites on Wix.

Implementing a Wix Event Calendar to your site can help you promote your events, sell products, collect RSVPs and keep your customers updated on upcoming happenings. In addition, by adding an Events Calendar you can drastically raise the engagement rate on your website.

Integrating a Wix Event Calendar to your site can be done the hard way -manually, or the easy way- by installing plugins.

Widgets, plugins, and extensions can efficiently help set up an Event Calendar for your site and maximize its purpose.

Event Calendar Wix integrations will make it easy for site visitors to get their questions answered and learn more about upcoming events. With them, you can create multiple events, add different tags, upload your own images and videos, and keep users notified about your agenda. Wix plugins for Event Calendar will help you create significant events in a matter of minutes. They can help you add a personal touch to your section by adding skeleton stylesheets, partial template overrides, template tags, hooks, and filters. Small businesses, musicians, venues, restaurants all use the Wix Event Calendar for in-person and virtual events. Moreover, Wix widgets and plugins for Event Calendars introduce other boosting features like saved venues and organizers, calendar views with tooltips, event view lists, and daily thoughts. They also support upcoming events lists, Google maps, event searches, and cache.

All Wix Event Calendar widget features are available on both desktop and mobile.

How can you find the best Wix extensions and plugins for Event Calendar?

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