Spice your summer upby developing an e-commerce app

July 7


July 31

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All winners will also get:

  • A one-year Pro account on the Common Ninja Developer Platform.
  • Help with app submissions: our content and design teams will provide guidance and help the winners with their app submission process to Shopify, WooCommerce & BigCommerce.
  • Blog post mention: we’ll create a blog post about your app and share it with our visitors.
  • Newsletter feature : we’ll share news of your app with our subscribers for more coverage.
  • Get their app featured on Common Ninja’s homepage under the “Developed with Common Ninja” section.

The e-commerce market is huge and presents numerous opportunities for developers and companies to bring their innovation and creativity forward and solve problems for merchants and their customers.

From tools that improve conversions, to smart automations that optimize sales, to useful apps that help bring more customers and more.

This hackathon is all about helping developers to bring their ideas to e-commerce app markets while reducing the time and resources needed to do it.


Common Ninja Developer Platform

Our platform allows you to build & monetize e-commerce apps and significantly reduce the time you spend on platform integrations by providing you with:

  • One universal API for e-commerce platforms
  • Authentication and user management
  • Integrations with payment platforms
  • Storage capabilities
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Build a new e-commerce app on Common Ninja’s platform, utilizing at least one of its many capabilities: universal e-commerce API, storage capabilities, and payments integrations.

The app should help merchants improve conversions, bring customers in, scale their business or provide any other real value for their online store.

See full rules for further restrictions

Not sure what do build?

Luckily our team of trained monkeys (aka product managers) has created a curated list of ideas that you can use and expand on. So don’t dawdle and start hacking!

Here are a few ideas for apps you can build