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Endpoint GET /widgets/:id

Retrieve a user's widget data by id.

Path Parameters

  • id - The widget's id.

Example Request:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN" ""

Example Response:

"id": "894f5aed-29f5-46c5-9f26-022bfccc5292",
"name": "My Comparison Table",
"description": "",
"type": "comparison_table",
"previewImage": "",
"status": "draft",
"modelVersion": 1,
"created": "2023-04-25T09:44:42.842Z",
"updated": "2023-04-25T09:44:42.842Z",
"data": {}
Please Note

The data property will contain the widget's data. The structure of this data will depend on the widget type. You can explore the different schemas with the Widget Data Explorer Tool tool.