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Widget Events

This reference page is designed to offer a comprehensive overview of the various widgets available on our platform, along with the specific events associated with each. Understanding the events tied to each widget can significantly enhance your ability to track user engagement and interaction, thereby enabling more informed decisions regarding the customization and deployment of these widgets on your website or online store.

Below, you will find a table that lists each widget type, followed by the events that can be tracked for that widget. This information is crucial if you're looking to integrate analytics more deeply into your customers` digital presence, offering insights into how visitors interact with the widgets and what actions they perform.

General Widget Events

All widgets share two fundamental events: widget-load and widget-view. These basic events are crucial for understanding the initial engagement with any widget deployed on your platform.

widget-load is fired when the widget has fully loaded on the page. This event is indicative of a successful widget initialization, ensuring that the widget's resources are completely available for user interaction. Tracking this event can help in understanding the performance and load times of widgets across different environments.

widget-view is triggered when the widget enters the viewport of the user's device, meaning that it has become visible to the user. This event is critical for gauging actual user exposure to the widget, differentiating between widgets that have been loaded but not seen by the user and those that have successfully captured user attention.

Beyond these foundational events, some widgets are designed to report on additional engagement metrics such as link clicks, button interactions, and other forms of user engagement as described below. These additional events allow for a more nuanced analysis of how users interact with specific features within the widgets, offering deeper insights into user behavior and engagement patterns. By tracking both basic and additional events, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the performance and appeal of your widgets, enabling data-driven strategies to optimize user experience and engagement.

Widget Types and Events

Widget TypeEvents
3D Cardslink-click, card-flip
Image Accordionimage-click, link-click
AdsBlocker Protectorright-click
Agendalink-click, event-open, event-close
Announcementsbutton-click, category-click, link-click
Audio Playertrack-click, next-track-click, previous-track-click, pause-click, play-click, download-click, shuffle-click, playlist-open, playlist-close
Before & Afterslider-drag
Product Blobslink-click
Team Memberslink-click
Bookingappointment-select, form-submit
Brackettab-click, vote-complete, vote-popup-open, game-popup-open, participant-popup-open, participant-signup, share-click, fullscreen-click, zoom-in-click, zoom-out-click, score-report-submit, vote-click, vote-signup
Nudge Buttonbutton-click
Marketing Buttonbutton-click
Back to Top Buttonbutton-click
Scroll to Element Buttonbutton-click
Calendarevent-click, add-to-calendar-click, add-to-google-click, add-to-yahoo-click, add-to-outlook-click, add-to-office-click
Call Buttonbutton-click
Carouselslink-click, image-click
Cataloglink-click, button-click
Listingslink-click, button-click
Charts & Graphsseries-hover
WhatsApp Chat Buttonchat-open, chat-close, button-click, suggestion-click
Telegram Chat Buttonchat-open, chat-close, button-click, suggestion-click
Messenger Chat Buttonchat-open, chat-close, button-click, suggestion-click
Code Snippettab-click, copy-click
Commentsnew-comment-submit, new-comment-cancel, upvote-click, downvote-click, load-more-click, replies-open, replies-close, new-reply-open, new-reply-close
Comparison Tableslink-click, button-click
Countdown Barbutton-click, bar-open, bar-close
Countdown to Downloadbutton-click, download-button-click
Currency Converterinput-change
Device Mockupscroll
FAQquestion-open, question-close, link-click
Feedslink-click, social-share-click
Flip Cardslink-click
Formsform-submit, form-submit-success, form-submit-error
Image Gallerylink-click, image-click
Video Gallerylink-click, image-click
Image Grid Sliderimage-click
Image Hotspothotspot-open, hotspot-click
Image Stackimage-hover
Info Listlink-click
Lottie Playeranimation-play, animation-stop
Image Magnifierimage-hover
Mapslocation-click, button-click, directions-click
Mega Footerlink-click, social-link-click, phone-number-click, email-click, logo-click
Multirow Sliderlink-click
Notification Barbar-open, bar-close, coupon-click, button-click
Payment Buttoncheckout_started, checkout_completed, checkout_failed
PDF Flipbookpage-flip, pdf-open
PDF Gallerypdf-open, pdf-close, pdf-preview-click, pdf-download-click
Image Pollbutton-click, item-select, item-unselect, poll-submit, poll-submit-error, poll-submit-success
Video Pollbutton-click, item-select, item-unselect, poll-submit, poll-submit-error, poll-submit-success
Popuppopup-open, popup-close, coupon-click, button-click, link-click, form-submit
Pricing Sliderprice-change
Pricing Tablebutton-click, link-click, social-link-click, payment-button-click
Quizquiz-submit, answer-click
Reviewsbutton-click, tab-click
Reviews Badgebutton-click
Right Click Protectorright-click
Scratch Cardpopup-open, popup-close, form-submit, form-submit-success, form-submit-error, button-click, scratch-start, scratch-complete
Slide in Panelpopup-open, popup-close, button-click
Social Linkslink-click
Social Prooflink-click
Social Share Buttonslink-click
Social Votesupvote-click, downvote-click
Spinning Wheelpopup-open, popup-close, form-submit, form-submit-success, form-submit-error, button-click, spin-click, spin-again-click
Stop Motion Playerplay-click, pause-click, next-click, previous-click
Storiesstory-open, story-close, story-complete, swipe-left, swipe-right, next-page-click, previous-page-click, pause-click, play-click, read-more-click
News Tickerlink-click
Tilted Imageimage-hover
Timelinelink-click, image-click
Virtual Tourpanorama-load

Feedback and Suggestions for Event Analytics

We highly value your input and are always looking to enhance our widget analytics. If you see a need for a new event or an improvement in our analytics tracking, please reach out. Your suggestions are crucial for us to evolve and better serve your analytics needs. Together, we can make our platform even more insightful and effective.