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How it Works

Embarking on the Common Ninja's Reseller journey is a simple, streamlined process. Here's an overview of how our reseller program works:

1. Gain Access to the Reseller API

First, you'll be provided access to our Reseller API. This powerful API allows you to create and manage widgets on behalf of your customers.

2. Create Widgets through the API

Once you have access to the API, you can start creating widgets. These can range from weather widgets to event calendars, galleries, sliders, and many more.

3. Use the Widget Editor

We provide an endpoint that lets you open our widget editor right in your platform. By incorporating this in an iframe, your users can edit their widgets directly on your platform. The dedicated URL is obtained from the widget editor endpoint, for example:

Learn more about this endpoint here.

4. Embed the Widget

To add the widget to your website, use the widget embed code endpoint. This will provide you with a DIV element that you can add to your website's HTML.

Learn more about this endpoint here.

5. Add the Global Script

For the optimal performance of our widgets, we recommend adding our script globally to your websites. The following is the script you should add:

<script src="" defer></script>

6. Enable Widget Selection

To let your customers choose which widget they want to add to their websites, use the widget types endpoint.

Learn more about this endpoint here.