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What are Joomla extensions

Joomla is the ultimate mobile-and-user-friendly platform for building websites!

A free and open-source platform, Joomla offers thousands of features and site design tools that rely on an adequate, seamless, and top-quality content management system. Joomla is an easy-to-use, secure and stable, award-winning system for content management that allows you to use all of its templates and extensions for free. Like most website builders, Joomla, too, depends on the use of a variety of components and extensions to make the website creation process seamless, smooth, and effortless. Luckily, there are many compatible Joomla widgets, add-ons, and powerful extensions to use - all able to turn a standard website into a sublime one!

Joomla is intuitive and lends itself to robust, more complex websites. The functionality is great with a well executed framework. It's easy to get started with little to none technical knowledge which is a big plus. It offers you a straightforward control panel and useful help features and documentation make it easy for people to manage their own websites. Depending on your site goals, you can use countless Joomla extensions and plugins to enforce its performance. Such include Joomla extensions for managing content, Joomla website builder extensions for optimizing speed and performance. You can also add custom CSS Joomla components, social media Joomla addons, and more!

Can’t make up your mind on what to choose?

Common Ninja’s serves Joomla website builders and the Joomla community with a grand selection of customizable extensions to choose from, all indexed in accordance with every Joomla website builder’s needs. The Common Ninja Search Engine allows you to find the best widgets, apps, components, tools, addons, and extensions for any website or shop! We offer you customizable widgets, easy to use, and even easier to integrate!

Featuring an array of customizable and easy to install extensions, Common Ninja allows you to browse your most essential Joomla extensions and boost your site like a pro.

Our service will enable you to browse through over 600k Joomla components, directed at any aspect of your site - increasing traffic, incorporating brackets, enhancing social media presence, boosting content SEO, improving site design, reaching a higher Google ranking, designing the perfect FAQ section - and else!

Our Common Ninja service understands the need for Joomla website builders to create the perfect site and optimize it to perfection. Because of this, we targeted an array of plugins to meet your needs and serve you in designing your dream Joomla website. Found a few Joomla widgets you like? Using them through our service is even easier! By simply embedding your desired Joomla extension to your site with our helping hand and shortcode, you will transform your site to the nines and give it the boost it lacks!

Our community-friendly service tends to thousands of Joomla website builders and offers a plugin for every purpose. Find your dream table and graph maker, make the most of your social media channels, improve your Google ranking and give your design the finesse it needs - all with our plugin generating service.

Make no mistake, components are a hard nut to crack, but with our expanded service of customizable Joomla extensions, like pricing tables for Joomla, comparison tables, FAQ widgets, and RSS feeds - your Joomla website will stand out among the rest!

Common Ninja Search Engine

The Common Ninja Search Engine platform helps website builders find the best site widgets, apps, plugins, tools, add-ons, and extensions! Compatible with all major website building platforms - big or small - and updated regularly, our Search Engine tool provides you with the business tools your site needs!

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