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The Common Ninja Search Engine platform helps website builders find the best site widgets, apps, plugins, tools, addons, and extensions! Compatible with all major website building platforms - big or small - and updated regularly, our Search Engine tool provides you with the business tools your site needs!

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What are Wordpress plugins

Want to create the ultimate blog post or website? The platform you should be looking at is definitely WordPress! WordPress is a Content Management System that you can use to build websites with minimal coding knowledge. Since its creation in 2003, the platform has remained the leader in the website building industry.

There is no better way to enrich your WordPress website than through the inevitable power of plugins. Nothing will make your site more appealing and engaging than a much-needed WordPress widget or a unique feature. WordPress plugins make the process of adding features to your website effortless because they don't require you to know a single line of code.

Different plugins can help various aspects of your WordPress site. Design plays a vital role in the success of any website, and many available plugins can refine the visual representation of your site. SEO is also another necessity for any website, and luckily many WordPress plugins can help you manage your site better and rank higher. Additionally, adding the right social media widget for websites or a WordPress RSS widget can contribute and make a significant impact on your traffic flow. Let us not forget about the great bracket tournaments WordPress plugins.

Even so, choosing the most practical WordPress plugins requires research and a lot of time. Integrating it is a waste of time too. To avoid standing at a crossroads of options, our Common Ninja service has searched and picked the best WordPress plugins and extensions for your site. Trusted by over 1.5 million users worldwide, Common Ninja search engine created a community service that allows everyone to browse the most suitable WordPress modules to get your business on the go!

Common Ninja is a service to the community, offering a wide palette of plugin options. What does this mean? The WordPress plugins our search engine builder has can help you design and style a very professional, modern, and traffic-engaging website that will help you maintain the current customers and attract the potential ones!

Our team can offer support in embedding WordPress addons or WordPress widgets from Common Ninja, and help you implement it on your site. Only with elementary usage our shortcode or block Common Ninja plugin will be available on your site. Then you can freely use and take advantage of the automatic stories, multiple graphs, charts, and all of that without any special coding skills needed!

Additionally, aside from the valued WordPress plugins or any other preferred website, you can find the best guiding tutorials and expanded versions of how to get the plugins closer to your page. We provide other essential plugins for WordPress like iChart, amChart, the Easy Charts, and WP Business Intelligence. We hope to provide you with a service that will significantly affect the quality of your website, all while you save money and time, too.

Get your bracket apps, tournament apps, chart apps, pricing tables apps, comparison table apps, socime feed apps, and more for your Wordpress website- only with Common Ninja services. Our plugins are customizable, easy to search, and even easier to incorporate into your website!

WordPress addons are leaders in the content managing world, and most of the WordPress widgets and features are free to use. Our search engine is designed to serve every need that your website has!

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