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Swatchify is a feature-rich, fully customizable, and scalable swatches solution that brings enhanced functions, seamless integration, and consistent, appealing user experience for your store. With Swatchify, you can display product variations to your visitors in a very convenient manner, allowing them to choose the products that suit them best. You get more sales, more conversions, and significant customer retention, all with a simple addition to your store.

Why Choose Swatchify?

  • Swatches Are Part Of Your Theme And Load Super-Fast.
  • Fully Customizable And Scalable.
  • Continuous Support With Our Expert Team.
  • No Extra Charges Or Hidden Fees!

Our features are designed to cover every aspect of your requirements from start to finish. We consider customer feedback, suggestion, and requests with the highest regard and continuously add new features to the app to deliver the best experience. Whatever your swatches requirement may be, Swatchify has the right tools for you! View our highlights below:

Automatic Installation - NEW

Our swatches are seamlessly integrated with your themes. This means they load at the same time as your pages and are optimized for faster performance and better SEO. The app inserts code snippets right into your themes, which means that your swatches will be displayed instantly as your page loads. With the new automatic installation feature, swatches are 1 click away!

Specific Product Swatches - NEW

Need to set a specific swatch for an individual product? Now you can! Our new Specific Swatches feature lets users display specific swatches for particular products that have unique variants. This feature is available with our Unlimited Plan.

Swatches Styles - NEW

Need more solid colors for your swatches? you can select up to 4 solid colors to be displayed in different shapes or set an image for each swatch.


Swatchify allows personalization and customizability options that let merchants add a personal touch to their swatches. With Swatchify you can: *Change The Size Of The Swatches On Desktop And Mobile *Linked Options (Hide/Cross/Fade Swatches That Are Out Of Stock) *Show Selected Swatch Name Next To The Option Header *Change Product Image On Collection Pages When Customers Hover Over The Swatch *Horizontal Scrolling On Collection Pages (Use Arrows To Scroll Through All Swatches Of A Product)

Interested To Learn More? Try Our App For Free!

Uninstall Our App Before The Trial Period Ends And You Will Not Be Charged.

We are always here for you, if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, feel free to contact our awesome support team, and we will answer any query you may have.

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Starting from $4.99 to $9.99 per month.

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