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Snowball is a powerful plugin that makes it easy for journalists and bloggers to create modern, immersive articles as seen by world-class news organizations.

Snowball’s user-friendly interface allows you to build your article one content block at a time. Snowball support many different types of content including text, images, videos, data visualizations, and interactive widgets.

For each block, set your own content and style choices. Advanced users can customize a block even further using the built-in code editor to inspect and modify its underlying HTML and CSS code.

Snowball is developed and maintained by the openHTML research team at Drexel University, with the goal of broadening participation and empowering people to be more expressive on the web.

Currently supported modules:

  • Basic: Text, Splash, Sidenote, Pullquote, HTML, Columns, Table
  • Media: Image, Image Comparison Slider, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Google Maps
  • Social: Twitter, Vine
  • Data: Bar Graph, Scatterplot, Choropleth
  • Meta: Table of Contents, Contact Form, Share Buttons

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