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WP Business Intelligence Lite allows you to powerfully display responsive data tables and charts on your website. This plugin is simple to use and allows you to connect with your wordpress database and display the data in real time. Once you have created at least one SQL query that retrieves data from your DB, you can define the type of chart (bar, donut, line, or grouped bar) or table to be used to display them. A simple shortcode embeds the chart or table in any post or page. Each page refresh retrieves the data from the DB so that the information in the chart or table is always up-to-date.

Installation guide, FAQs and support can be found at WP Business Intelligence Support

WP Business Intelligence Demos

In order to use your own live MySQL, MS SQL, or PostgreSQL database with WP Business Intelligence, purchase the Pro version of WP Business Intelligence from the WP Business Intelligence web site

We are actively developing this plugin and would love to hear from you with feature requests. Contact Us.

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  1. Live connection to your WordPress DB via custom SQL queries
  2. Responsive charts/tables
  3. Works in Chrome, Firefox, IE9+
  4. Charts based on Britecharts
  5. Tables build on Datatables


Starting from $0 per month.

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