App Details

WRC Pricing Tables is a free CSS3 pricing table plugin with 9 ready-made templates! As a result, you can get the pricing table of your choice with just one click! Moreover, it is super responsive as well. You can present features and prices of different products in two different ways:

  • By displaying the features of each product separately, or
  • By comparing the features of each product through a comparison pricing tables.

You can create feature rows and package columns as many as you want. Moreover, you can rearrange row and columns by drag and drop sorting. Also, the pricing table has support for ribbon, tooltip, tick/cross icon, button and many more…

The plugin has also support for WordPress default Color Picker. The great thing is that we have improved default 8 color palettes to 18 palettes. As a result, you can make an impressive and more colorful price table for your business.

Instructions after upgrading to new version

We often update the plugin to make the pricing table more professional. Therefore, we request that you update the pricing table columns and features once each time you upgrade to a new version from the “Edit Columns” and “Edit Features” sections.

Pricing Table DEMO

Free Version DEMO
Standard Version DEMO
Ultimate Version DEMO

Upgrade to Premium

The premium version includes lots of new css3 table designs, features, customization options with dedicated support.

Main features of the premium WRC Pricing Tables:

  • 50+ ready-made templates to create pricing table instantly (Ultimate Version)
  • Feature Categorization (Ultimate Version)
  • Option to add Star Ratings (Ultimate Version)
  • Make a copy of any existed pricing table instantly
  • Import/Export (Backup) pricing table from one website to another
  • PayPal Button Integration
  • Pricing Toggles (Switch between monthly-yearly pricing plans or between currencies or anything else…)
  • Hide empty features as well as any part of the pricing table

View more Premium features

What’s new in version 2.3.1

  • 3 more ready-made templates to create pricing table instantly
  • Improved the outlook of the backend options.

Other Features

  • Responsive For All Devices
  • Easy To Use
  • Unlimited Background Colors
  • Unlimited Rows & Columns
  • In-depth customization menus for every single option in your tables.
  • Simple animations such as enlarging columns upon hovering or disabling shadows when highlighted.
  • Switch between templates without losing data
  • Highlight one or more columns as special by enlarging
  • Hide one or more columns instead of deleting them
  • Option to set column shadow and shadow color
  • Option to set price unit or currency at right side
  • Option to set button body height as well as button width and height
  • Column width will be auto adjusted according to column space
  • Sortable Columns & Feature Items
  • CSS3 Tooltips & Ribbons
  • Tick/Cross Icon
  • Implement by Shortcode
  • All Major Browser Supported

Video Demo

Watch the video demo of the plugin (Pro version):

Standard Version DEMO