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Discover the story of Common Ninja, our mission, and our commitment to simplifying website and e-commerce design for everyone.

Our Mission

At Common Ninja, our mission is to democratize website and e-commerce creation. We believe in the power of simplicity and innovation, and we are committed to providing a suite of professional, feature-rich no-code widgets and apps that are accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical skills.

Our goal is to empower individuals and businesses, simplifying their creative process, and aiding them in crafting unique digital experiences that resonate with their audience.

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Our Story

Common Ninja was born out of a simple need: to make the process of creating web components less complex and more efficient. Our co-founder, a frontend developer, found himself spending a significant amount of time building web components for the companies he worked for. He believed there had to be a better, faster way, and so, Common Ninja began as a side project, aimed at creating no-code tools that would streamline the creation process.

What started as a time-saving initiative soon turned into a vision that could empower others. We recognized the potential to help not just individual developers but anyone who wished to build a website or an e-commerce store. This realization sparked a transformation in our approach, leading us to develop a suite of professional widgets and apps, each rich with powerful features and compatible with all website builders and e-commerce platforms.

Today, Common Ninja stands as a testament to the power of simplicity, innovation, and a commitment to making technology more accessible. We continue to grow and evolve, always driven by our mission to make the process of creating websites and e-commerce stores easier and more accessible for everyone. We are proud of the journey we've embarked upon, and we're excited about the many opportunities that lie ahead.

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