Affiliates Embedded Catalog

Boost Your Affiliate Game with Our High-Impact, Customizable Widgets Catalog

Affiliates Embedded Catalog

For affiliates seeking to enhance their websites while earning commissions, the Common Ninja Embedded Widgets Catalog is the perfect solution. It offers a diverse range of customizable, user-friendly widgets that can be easily integrated into any website.

Take your Embeddable Widget Catalog to the next level

Just Like Other Common Ninja Widgets: If you've used our widgets before, you'll feel right at home. It works the same way!

To ensure you get the most out of the Embedded Widgets Catalog, consider these handy tips:

Adding Your Affiliate ID

Automatically Linking Your ID: Once you add your Affiliate ID to the widget, it will automatically attach to all widget links in the catalog. No extra steps are needed!

  • Find your unique Affiliate ID.
  • In the widget, look for a spot that says "Affiliate ID".
  • Paste your ID there, and you're all set!

That's it! Your Affiliate ID will automatically be added to all the catalog links.

Filter the Catalog by categories

You have the option to display all widgets from the catalog or to filter them by category. For instance, if you want to showcase only engagement widgets or forms to complement your content or a specific article, you can easily adjust the catalog filter to suit your needs.

As we release new widgets and add them to the respective categories, they will automatically appear in your embedded widget, keeping your content fresh and up-to-date.

Select Specific widgets to display

You have the flexibility to choose specific widgets to display. This feature is particularly useful if you want to focus on a smaller group of widgets or even a single widget that complements your content or a particular article.

Hiding the sidebar

For a more streamlined appearance, you have the option to hide the categories' sidebar, creating a cleaner and more focused layout.

Select layouts and skins

You have the option to select from various layouts and design skins to tailor the appearance to your preference.

Advance Look&Feel Customization

Enhance the look and feel even further by customizing colors, fonts, and sizes to match your unique style.

Looking for More Tips and Resources?

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