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Top 5 Image Hotspot Apps and Plugins for Any Website

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Summary (TL;DR): In this article, we will discuss image hotspot apps and plugins and how they can be used for different purposes like product marketing, storytelling, and education. We will also offer some visual image hotspot examples and introduce you to the top five image hotspot apps and plugins to use on different platforms.

Top 5 Image Hotspot Apps and Plugins for Any Website

Good user experience, easy navigation and clear information are chief amongst the concerns of any online shop. Without them, most users will simply move on to other shops, and, those stubborn enough to wade through the bad design and information, will have difficulties making a purchase because of bad navigation.  

As an online shop owner, you don’t want to have long descriptions with no visual aids, price lists with no images, or terrible navigation with no links. You want to make your products and their information be as accessible as possible in the most visually appealing way. One method to create a better shopping experience for your users is by using image hotspots

Image hotspots can help you make your e-commerce platform or website truly shine by concentrating all the required information on a nice image of your product. With image hotspots, you can add descriptions, prices and links to images of your products without obstructing them, thereby enabling your users to see what you are selling, learn more about it and click to buy — all from within one image. Let’s learn how!

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What Is an Image Hotspot App?

an image of maps with marked points

An image hotspot app or plugin is meant to help you turn an image interactive. These intuitive apps offer up an inventive user experience solution that will help your visitors engage with your page and generate conversions. They can reveal content such as text, video, pictures, or even links to other web pages. As you hover your cursor over an image, specific points will trigger determined pop-ups, offering up more information or advising you to visit another page. 

What’s more, you may completely configure the number of hotspots, their color, their placement in the image, and associated popup content. Image hotspots also encourage users to engage and learn more about your products or services. But they can be super versatile in purposes, as you’ll learn up next.

What Can You Use Image Hotspots For?

Image hotspots are quite useful for companies, institutions, and individuals alike. There are many ways to utilize these interactive objects to help encourage your visitors to engage with your brand, service, or page. And of course, learn more about your products and materials. A few ways you can use image hotspots include:

  • Product Marketing: Use an image hotspot for product cross-selling. You may attach product information or even links to different parts of an image. It can be especially useful for combining or comparing products.
  • Storytelling: In terms of storytelling, image hotspots may be helpful with breaking down particularly complex concepts. Each part that makes up the image can contain its own piece of relevant information.
  • Education: Much like with storytelling, an image hotspot may be used to offer up further explanations. Besides this, some hotspots can utilize multiple-choice popups, which are always a great feature for learning assessments.

Image Hotspot Examples

To help you visualize how helpful resorting to an image hotspot generator can be, here are a few examples of their possible usages:

In this image, the hotspot is used to offer up product information. More specifically name, color, and price.

an image of image hotspots used in an e-commerce shop

This image hotspot, for instance, links to a location on Google Maps.

an image of various items with icons on them

As for this hotspot, it offers product descriptions based on the specific part of the product it’s inserted in.

an image of a hoodie with hotspots on it revealing more information

Top 5 Image Hotspot Apps & Plugins

Image hotspot apps and plugins are an excellent solution for elevating web pages, presentations, and even ads. You can add various overlay hotspots onto pictures and graphics, making them more appealing and insightful. Because image hotspots are incredibly versatile, they may be used for web design, floor planning, map annotations, product descriptions, segmented explanations, and so much more.

And although most available solutions nowadays can offer up incredible customization features, they tend to come at different price points and are better suited for some platforms more than others. This is why we have compiled this comprehensive list of the best image hotspot apps and plugins available today:

1.  Common Ninja’s Image Hotspot App

a screenshot of common ninja's image hotspot app

Common Ninja’s Image Hotspot App enables you to add valuable information to any image, making it interactive, which, in turn, will generate engagement and conversions. With it, dull, static images can be made appealing through the addition of insights, descriptions, or relevant links. 

Common Ninja’s Image Hotspot app is a great addition to any online business. It helps you display your products in a single location, neatly organized, and with all necessary information attached to them. It is also entirely customizable, allowing you to take full creative control of the visuals and match them to your brand and website. 

The best part is that Common Ninja’s Image Hotspot app is fully responsive, which helps you make sure that your content will shine on any device. And it is also incredibly easy to use!

Its advanced features include:

  • Custom CSS – Further your image hotspot customization with the custom CSS option.
  • User Analytics – Keep an eye on your customers’ usage habits so you always know how they’re responding to your content.

Supported Platform/s: Compatible with ALL site builders, e-commerce platforms, and websites (Shopify, WordPress, Elementor, Wix, Squarespace, Duda, etc)

Pricing Plans: Free and paid plans ranging from $3.99 to $11.99/month

2. Widgetic (Image Hotspots)

a screenshot of widgetic's product

Another great solution for image hotspots is Widgetic. This app offers complete customization of hotspots so they blend seamlessly with the design of your website or feel of your brand. It features a responsive design, which means your hotspots will work on all main device types: tablet, mobile, and desktop.

Widgetic also allows for the creation of mood boards so you may link each product to its respective page. This allows for combining different products and seeing right away how they will go together.

Supported Platform/s: WordPress, Shopify, Wix

Pricing Plans: Free basic plan or premium for $2.92-$4.99/month

3. LookBook for WooCommerce

a screenshot of lookbook's product

LookBook for WooCommerce helps you create realistic product lookbooks which will help your customers visualize how those will look in real life. You can use image hotspots to display product information, such as name, description, price, and respective link. You can even add these products directly to your shopping cart.

This plugin is also usable on Instagram shops, as it syncs your posted pictures directly to the lookbook. In turn, the LookBook image hotspots can direct visitors to the original Instagram post.

Supported Platform/s: WordPress

Pricing Plans: Regular License for $26 and Extended License for $130

4. Image Map HotSpot with Lightbox WordPress

a screenshot of image map hotspot's product

This Image Map HotSpot for WordPress allows you to incorporate a popup or annotation on an image by using a seamless CSS3 transition. This popover can be configured to appear as the user hovers the mouse over the image. Each hotspot symbol includes an optional pulse animation.

The new version is designed to support Lightbox, enabling you to launch Youtube or Vimeo videos, as well as any images or Google Maps.

Supported Platform/s: WordPress

Pricing Plans: Regular License for $22 and Extended License for $105

5. Image Map for Sharepoint

a screenshot fo sharepoint's product

This Image Map for Sharepoint allows you to create eye-catching interactive images with clickable hotspots to complement navigation. It has an intuitive interface that will help your website shine. This app replaces the need for custom page layout design on SharePoint, making the user experience more enjoyable.

It features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor with easy customization. You can edit and generate image maps without any coding. Simply define the selected areas and choose the respective actions. The image hotspot generator will work its magic and inset your image maps into your SharePoint page.

Supported Platform/s: SharePoint

Pricing Plans: Different license types ranging from $110 to $445/month

Get Your Image Hotspot WordPress Plugin Today!

Now you know that there are more than enough options to help take your e-commerce platform or website to the next level. A good image hotspot creator app can save you time and coding efforts, whilst elevating user experience by helping your visitors interact with your content. 

Find the image hotspot app or plugin that works best for you and start customizing today. You now understand the many ways these solutions can elevate your brand or business, so get creative and design the most aesthetically pleasing hotspots you can devise!