The Complete Guide to Becoming a Twitch Affiliate

Video games have always been a spectator sport. Whether you’re passing controllers around with a group of friends or watching transfixed as your coolest older sibling smacks down crazy endgame bosses, there are times when spectating is just as fun as playing. So, it comes as no surprise that so many people are now flocking […]

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KeyForge Rules – How to play KeyForge in 2021

Popular tabletop card games are not unlike eSports. With international tournaments and a plethora of online content. Among such games are Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon TCG. A relative newcomer to this scene is KeyForge, a Unique Card game with a twist. The KeyForge player base has been growing steadily, though the expansion of the […]

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The 20 Best Tournament Maker Examples

Here Ye and Hearken, ye old tournaments have been around for many ages. From the Greek Olympiad to Medieval jousting to national spelling bees, gathering people together for a group competition is as old as written history. Nowadays, many tournaments have gone digital in their creation, management, and even play through organized eSports/gaming competitions. Fans […]

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Top 11 Bracket Makers for 2021

What’s the best book in any genre? Who’s the best Kardashian? What’s the greatest NBA team of all time? A bracket tournament is a great way to figure it out – with your friends. And if you’re organizing any kind of competition with your friends or foes? A bracket is a terrific way to keep […]

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