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Breathtaking Stories Begin with Common Ninja and Shorthand

Daniel Sternlicht,

Summary (TL;DR): Common Ninja and Shorthand unite, ushering a new era in digital storytelling. Harness dynamic widgets and unparalleled narrative tools, crafting experiences that intrigue, captivate, and leave an everlasting impact.

Breathtaking Stories Begin with Common Ninja and Shorthand

Stories captivate, inspire, and leave an indelible mark on the audience. As curators of rich online experiences, Common Ninja is elated to announce its collaboration with Shorthand – a union that promises to elevate storytelling to unprecedented heights.

Amplifying Each Other's Strengths

In the world of online narratives, Shorthand has carved a niche for itself by helping creators draft visually stunning, immersive stories. Marrying this expertise with Common Ninja's dynamic widgets offers storytellers the tools they need to make their tales not just read, but deeply felt and experienced.

Unleashing New Dimensions in Storytelling

Together, we aim to redefine what online storytelling means. By integrating our rich assortment of widgets with Shorthand's storytelling prowess, creators can now:

  • Immerse readers with interactive elements.
  • Embed real-time data visualizations.
  • Craft multidimensional narratives that adapt and evolve.


Stories have the power to move, and the right tools can amplify this tenfold. Our collaboration with Shorthand is not merely a partnership but a commitment to provide storytellers with the means to create unparalleled experiences. Dive into this new world and let every story echo with enhanced vigor.