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Empower Your Widgets with Common Ninja's Dynamic API Integration

Daniel Sternlicht,

Summary (TL;DR): Common Ninja unveils its dynamic API integration, revolutionizing widget customization. Leverage HTTP methods, employ custom headers, and utilize filters to craft widgets that truly echo your vision and the needs of your audience.

Empower Your Widgets with Common Ninja's Dynamic API Integration

The realm of online platforms thrives on customization and flexibility. Understanding this, Common Ninja proudly presents its groundbreaking API integration, designed to supercharge your widgets with an unparalleled dynamism derived from your custom APIs.

The Versatility of Dynamic API Integration

At the heart of any powerful online tool lies the capability to personalize and adapt. Our new API integration not just acknowledges this but truly embodies it. Whether you're fetching data through GET or sending through POST, our integration ensures a seamless experience.

Features that Distinguish

  1. Methodical Mastery: Supporting both GET and POST methods, your widgets can retrieve or send data as required.
  2. Header Handling: Incorporate custom headers effortlessly, ensuring your API requests are tailored to perfection.
  3. Fine-Tuned Filters: Refine the data you pull or push, employing custom filters to ensure only the most relevant information is utilized.


Customization is more than a feature; it's a promise of delivering an experience that resonates deeply with the end-users. By introducing the dynamic API integration, Common Ninja reinforces its commitment to innovation, offering tools that let your imagination run wild and your widgets pulsate with life.