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Announcing Common Ninja API: The Next Generation of Widget Customization and Integration

Daniel Sternlicht,

Summary (TL;DR): In this article, we are going to tell you about a new milestone we’ve reached — the release of our API for developers.

Announcing Common Ninja API: The Next Generation of Widget Customization and Integration

Hey Ninjas!

I’m thrilled to announce the release of our API for developers. This is an important milestone in our journey and one that gives you unprecedented power to shape your own experiences with our platform.

We believe in democratizing the web development process. That’s why we’ve built a robust suite of over 100 no-code widgets for websites and online stores. Our commitment is to create a digital ecosystem where every business, agency, and SMB has the tools they need to make their online presence shine.

However, we also know that our tech-savvy users may crave more. They might want to get their hands on the underlying code, bend it, twist it, and mold it to create unique digital experiences. To satisfy these tech virtuosos, we’re taking our platform to the next level.

Our newly released API, a dynamic toolkit for developers, allows you to interact with our platform programmatically. You can now read, write, and update widgets, access project data, and get a complete list of our widgets, all with a few lines of code. This API isn’t just a small upgrade; it’s a massive leap toward limitless customization and deeper integration with our widgets.

We’ve designed our API to not only support OAuth but also provide account-level access tokens. The combination of these two access methods ensures a greater level of security and flexibility. With OAuth, developers can create applications that serve Common Ninja’s users by extending the functionality of our widgets. Account-level access tokens, on the other hand, allow a more secure and individualized approach, ensuring data protection and the seamless operation of your applications. For our partners, the API will facilitate the integration of our widgets into your SaaS platforms and website builders, enhancing your service portfolio and delivering added value to your clients.

Here’s how you can explore the possibilities of our API:

Learning and Exploration

We’ve put together extensive documentation to help you get the most out of our API. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started, our docs will guide you through the intricacies of our API.

Start Building

Excited to start building? We thought you might be. To begin your journey with our API, you can apply for access.

We are very excited about this new addition to the Common Ninja platform. We believe that by giving developers more control and freedom, we are taking another significant step towards making the web a more accessible and versatile place.

We can’t wait to see the incredible experiences you’ll build with our API. This new feature is not just about us expanding our services—it’s about giving you the power to innovate and shape the web in your own unique way.

As always, we welcome your feedback and ideas. We’re committed to supporting you on this journey and ensuring that our API offers you the most seamless, flexible, and effective way to deliver stunning online experiences.

Thank you for your continued support and for being part of the Common Ninja community. Here’s to shaping the web, one widget at a time.

Daniel Sternlicht, CEO, Common Ninja