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Top 11 Age Verification Widgets (Plugins) for Websites in 2024

Common Ninja,

Summary (TL;DR): In this article, we are going to discuss the top 11 Age Verification widgets for your website. We’ll present a list of widgets, and explain what makes them interesting, what platforms they work with, and more.

Top 11 Age Verification Widgets (Plugins) for Websites in 2024

In today’s digital world, age verification has become an essential tool for websites dealing with age-sensitive content. Whether it’s for an alcohol brand, an online gaming site, or an e-commerce platform selling age-restricted goods, having an efficient age verification system is crucial.

We bring to you the top 11 Age Verification widgets for 2024 that are poised to offer seamless user experiences while ensuring compliance.

Common Ninja’s Age Verification Widget

Common Ninja’s Age Verification widget is an essential tool for businesses whose products or services require their users to be of a certain age for legal reasons. With it, you can protect your business by complying with age restrictions and wow users with carefully crafted and beautiful popups.

The widget is easy to use, requires no coding knowledge, and comes with full customization options. It is fully responsive and features multiple layouts, skins and icons, advanced display rules, different validation types, the option to redirect, and more!

Age Verification

Age Verification is a WordPress plugin that ensures that visitors to your site are of legal age. It’s an essential tool for sites that sell age-restricted products or services. Plus, it helps maintain compliance with regulations, keeping your business on the right side of the law.

Age Gate

Age Gate is a robust WordPress plugin that provides flexible options for age verification. It’s an absolute must-have for businesses with age-sensitive content, helping maintain the integrity of your website by ensuring appropriate content consumption.

Age Verification Popup

Age Verification Popup is a WooCommerce product that is a lifesaver for any online store selling age-restricted goods. It ensures your customers are of the appropriate age, thereby maintaining compliance and fostering a responsible online environment.


AgeCheckerNet is a WordPress plugin that offers reliable age verification services. It’s a valuable tool for websites with age-restricted content or products, promoting responsible access and consumption.

Easy Age Verify

Easy Age Verify is, as the name suggests, a WordPress plugin that is like a digital doorman, making age verification easy and efficient. It helps ensure your website complies with age restrictions, providing a seamless user experience without compromising responsibility.

Age Verification Popup

Wix Age Verification Popup is a Wix app that is a handy tool for adding an age verification popup to your site. It helps protect underage visitors from accessing inappropriate content and ensures legal compliance for your website.

Hulk Age Verification

Hulk Age Verification is a Shopify app that helps verify the age of your store visitors. Ideal for stores selling age-restricted products, it helps maintain responsible business practices.


Onlyage is a Shopify app that adds an extra checkpoint, making sure your customers are old enough to buy your products. This not only bolsters your store’s reputation but also ensures you’re ticking all the boxes when it comes to regulations.

NA Age Verification

NA Age Verification – This app allows you to add a customizable age verification popup to your Shopify store. It helps ensure that your customers meet the minimum age requirements, fostering a safer and more responsible shopping environment.

Smart Age Verification

Smart Age Verification – This Shopify app is like a smart security guard, offering intelligent age verification solutions. It ensures that your products and content are accessed responsibly.

It’s an indispensable tool for maintaining a trustworthy and legally compliant online business, especially when dealing with age-sensitive products or services. Plus, it provides customizable settings, enabling you to tailor the verification process to your specific needs, thereby improving your site’s user experience.


Age verification widgets play a vital role in safeguarding both users and website owners. Selecting an ideal widget from our list of top 11 can help you maintain regulatory standards, while not compromising on user experience.

Looking forward to 2024, we hope our curated list helps you in making an informed decision that best suits your website’s requirements.