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Top 10 Facebook Feed Widgets

Common Ninja,

Summary (TL;DR): In this article, we are going to discuss the top ten Facebook Feed widgets for your website. We’ll present a list of widgets, and explain what makes them interesting, what platforms they work with, and more.

Top 10 Facebook Feed Widgets

Hey there, digital explorers! We all know how vital it is to make some noise on Facebook, right? It’s the biggest social playground out there. But it’s not just about posting stuff and hoping for the best. We want our cool updates to reach as many people as possible and to look good while doing it. Enter the Facebook feed widgets, our little secret weapons. 

These nifty tools bring our Facebook fun directly to our websites, looking sleek all the way. This blog post is going to be your guide to the 10 best Facebook feed widgets that can make your website sing with social media joy.

Common Ninja’s Facebook Feed Widget

Common Ninja’s Facebook Feed widget is a great tool for gathering all of your Facebook feeds into a single, beautifully designed page that will make reading your Facebook posts super easy. With it, you can group different Facebook feeds in an orderly fashion that will be pleasing to the eye. 

The Facebook Feed widget is easy to use, requires no coding knowledge, and comes with full customization options. It is fully responsive and features multiple layouts and skins, “ticker” animation, different feed types, auto-refresh and more! 

10Web Facebook Feed

10Web brings you a WordPress plugin that weaves your Facebook feed into your websites like magic. With a buffet of customization options, it’s a top-notch tool for ramping up social interaction and building your Facebook community.

Flockler Social Media Feed

Flockler offers a robust tool that enables the display of social media feeds from various platforms on websites. It’s a fantastic solution for creating engaging social walls, enhancing social proof, and boosting audience engagement.

EmbedSocial Facebook Widget

EmbedSocial provides a comprehensive solution for integrating Facebook feeds into your website. It allows the display of live Facebook feeds and offers a wide array of customization options, enhancing your site’s social engagement and online presence.

SociableKIT Free Facebook Feed Widget

SociableKIT offers a complimentary Facebook feed widget that boosts social interaction and enhances your Facebook page’s exposure. It cleverly displays your Facebook updates on your website, keeping your content dynamic and up-to-date.


SnapWidget equips users with the ability to manifest their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds directly on their websites. With a range of custom options at their disposal, it becomes an ideal instrument for spotlighting social media content, stirring up user interaction, and amplifying the reach of your social media profiles.

Tagembed Facebook Widget

Tagembed offers a sturdy Facebook widget that lets users gather and exhibit live Facebook feeds right on their website. With a variety of personalization choices and moderation tools at your disposal, it serves as a superb solution for melding social media with your website and fostering lively interaction with your audience.

Custom Facebook Feed by Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon’s Custom Facebook Feed makes it a breeze for users to weave their Facebook feed into their WordPress sites, creating an adaptable and responsive design that fits their style. It’s the ideal tool to keep your site content lively and current, while also boosting social interaction and expanding your Facebook community.

Premium Addons for Elementor – Facebook Feed Widget

This widget is a part of the Premium Addons for Elementor package. It enables users to display their Facebook feed on their websites built with Elementor, enhancing social engagement and online presence.

Onstipe Facebook Widget

Onstipe offers a Facebook widget that flexibly displays real-time Facebook feeds on your website. Its tweakable options and moderation features make it a handy tool for enhancing social proof and escalating audience engagement.


Keeping up with the lightning speed of social media can feel like running a marathon, but these top 10 Facebook feed widgets are like your energy gels, giving you that extra kick. They not only make your website more fun and engaging but also make sure your audience is always in the loop with your latest Facebook antics. 

Choosing the right widget is like picking the perfect accessory—it needs to match your style and needs. Once you’ve got the perfect one, your Facebook updates will reach your audience faster and look better, giving your online presence a supercharge. So, go on and get widget hunting!