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Top Video Gallery Widgets (Plugins) for Websites in 2024

Common Ninja,

Summary (TL;DR): In this article, we are going to discuss the top ten Video Gallery widgets for your website. We’ll present a list of widgets, and explain what makes them interesting, what platforms they work with, and more.

Top Video Gallery Widgets (Plugins) for Websites in 2024

Visual content has always been a powerful tool in capturing audience attention, and with the rise of digital media, video galleries have become a staple on many websites. Whether you're a content creator showcasing your work, an e-commerce platform displaying product videos, or a blogger sharing personal experiences, a well-organized video gallery can significantly enhance your site's appeal. 

This article delves into the top video gallery widgets and plugins available for websites, highlighting their features, usability, and how they can transform your site into a dynamic visual platform.

What is a Video Gallery Widget?

Video gallery widgets and plugins, on the other hand, are tools that allow website owners to display and organize video content in an attractive and user-friendly way. These can range from simple video players to complex gallery layouts that categorize and display videos based on various criteria. 

For example, an e-commerce website might use a video gallery plugin to showcase product demonstration videos, while a personal blog might use a video widget to share vlogs or other personal video content. These tools not only enhance the visual appeal of a website but also improve user engagement by providing dynamic and interactive content.

Common Ninja’s Video Gallery Widget

Common Ninja’s Video Gallery widget is a powerful addition to any website. It allows you to showcase your video content in a sleek, organized manner, enhancing user engagement and providing a dynamic visual experience!

With this widget, you can effortlessly manage and display your video content, improving your website's appeal and functionality.

The Video Gallery widget is simple to use, requires no coding expertise, and comes with a wide range of customization options. It is fully responsive, supports various video platforms, and features a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and viewing!

WP Video Gallery

WP Video Gallery is a premium WordPress plugin that provides a powerful and user-friendly solution for creating stunning video galleries on your website. It supports a variety of video formats and sources, including self-hosted videos and those from YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. The plugin offers a range of customization options and features, such as video sorting, filtering, pagination, and more. It also includes a responsive design, ensuring your video galleries look great on all devices.

Simply Gallery Block

The Simply Gallery Block plugin is a user-friendly, highly customizable, and easy-to-integrate solution for building your custom blocks in the Gutenberg editor. It helps you create beautiful and responsive gallery blocks with a variety of layout and design options. The plugin supports both images and videos, making it a versatile choice for any WordPress site.

All-in-One Video Gallery

All-in-One Video Gallery is a highly customizable, easy-to-use plugin that allows you to add a video gallery or video player to your WordPress site without coding. It supports videos from a variety of sources, including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, and more. The plugin offers a range of features, such as categories, tags, search functionality, and more, providing you with everything you need to create a comprehensive video gallery on your site.

Video Gallery Block

The Video Gallery Block plugin is a simple and lightweight solution for creating beautiful video galleries on your WordPress site. It provides a block for the Gutenberg editor, making it easy to add video galleries to your posts and pages. The plugin supports videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted videos, and it features a responsive design to ensure your video galleries look great on all devices.

YotuWP Easy YouTube Embed

YotuWP Easy YouTube Embed is a powerful plugin that makes embedding YouTube videos in your WordPress site a breeze. With its modern responsive design, simple setup, and a host of features, it's never been easier to create beautiful and engaging YouTube video galleries. The plugin supports a variety of layouts and styles, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your video galleries to match your site's design.

HTML5 Video Gallery Plus Player

The HTML5 Video Gallery Plus Player plugin allows you to create an HTML5 video gallery on your WordPress site with ease. It supports a variety of video formats, including MP4 and WebM, and it allows you to add both single videos and entire video playlists. The plugin features a fully responsive design, ensuring your video galleries look great on all devices.

Huzzaz Video Gallery

Video Gallery by Huzzaz is a versatile WordPress plugin that supports regular and live video from a variety of sources, including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitch. The plugin features a responsive design, ensuring your video galleries look great on all devices. It also includes a unique feature that allows your video to minimize and float on the page as the user scrolls, keeping your video visible at all times.

YouTube Showcase

The YouTube Showcase plugin helps you display YouTube videos in a gallery or grid view on your site. It is designed for simplicity, with each YouTube video residing on its own page with WordPress comments enabled. YouTube video pages are automatically created when you insert the YouTube video. 


In wrapping up, selecting the right video gallery widget or plugin is a crucial step in creating an engaging and interactive website. The options discussed in this article offer a range of features, from simple video displays to comprehensive gallery layouts, catering to a variety of needs. However, the best choice will always be the one that aligns with your website's goals and your audience's preferences. By investing time in exploring these options, you can find a tool that not only enhances your site's functionality but also elevates its aesthetic appeal. Remember, a well-curated video gallery can turn your website from a static page into a vibrant visual journey, keeping your visitors engaged and coming back for more.