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Top 11 Yelp Review Widgets

Sergei Davidov,
Top 11 Yelp Review Widgets

Hey there, everyone! You know how it is these days – online reviews are the heart and soul of a business’s reputation. And when we’re talking about reviews, how can we forget about our good old friend, Yelp? It’s more than just a way to find the best sushi place in town; it’s a treasure trove of feedback that can help businesses grow and improve. 

A big part of tapping into this resource is showing off your Yelp reviews right there on your website, making them a big part of your online presence.

But let’s be real, there’s a whole sea of Yelp widgets out there, and it can be quite the headache to find the perfect fit. So, buckle up because in this blog post, we’ll be navigating those murky waters together, and we’ll show you my top 11 favorite Yelp review widgets to spice up your website and really engage with your visitors.

Common Ninja’s Yelp Reviews Widget

Common Ninja’s Yelp Reviews widget is a handy social proof tool that will improve your credibility and increase trust in your company. With it, you can easily post Yelp Reviews of your service in a visually appealing manner that will complement your website. 

The widget is free, easy to use, requires no coding knowledge, and comes with full customization options. It is fully responsive and features various layouts, skins, review types, and powerful filtering capabilities that will help you put your best reviews forward.

Yelp Widget Pro

The Yelp Widget Pro is a versatile widget that enables users to integrate their Yelp Business Pages with their WordPress websites. The pro version offers multiple customization features and a user-friendly interface, enhancing customer engagement and online reputation management.

SociableKIT Yelp Reviews

SociableKIT breathes life into your website by effortlessly embedding Yelp reviews. By offering an interactive platform that encourages user engagement, it amplifies your online credibility and extends your business reach.

Trustmary Yelp Review Widget

Trustmary’s widget enables the seamless display of Yelp reviews on your website. This widget helps in building trust among your audience, promoting transparency, and improving your online reputation by showcasing genuine customer feedback.

Tagembed Yelp Review Widget

With Tagembed, you get a sturdy and straightforward Yelp review widget. It’s perfect for showing off user-generated content, boosting social credibility, and fostering trust with customers. Plus, it comes with a host of customization options to align with your brand style.

EmbedSocial Yelp Reviews

EmbedSocial provides a simple and efficient solution for integrating Yelp reviews into your website. This widget helps improve customer engagement, drive conversions, and reinforce your brand’s online credibility by showcasing real-time customer feedback.

Taggbox Yelp Reviews Widget

Taggbox brings you a Yelp reviews widget that strengthens your brand’s social credibility. It comes with live Yelp review display, advanced moderation, and customizable design, ensuring an engaging user experience.

ReviewsOnMyWebsite Yelp Reviews Widget

The Yelp Reviews Widget from ReviewsOnMyWebsite lets you integrate Yelp reviews on your website seamlessly. It’s a great way for businesses to showcase customer feedback, bolster their online credibility, and build trust with potential customers, thereby improving their overall customer experience.

JustReview Yelp Reviews Widget

JustReview offers an intuitive Yelp reviews widget. This tool is designed to showcase your Yelp reviews in a visually appealing manner, thereby enhancing your website’s user engagement and boosting your brand’s online reputation.

Widget Yelp Reviews

This WordPress plugin provides a simple and efficient way to display Yelp reviews on your website. It provides customization options and moderation features to ensure that the best reviews are displayed, thereby improving your brand’s credibility.

Site Reviews

Site Reviews is a handy WordPress plugin, making it a breeze for you to collect and showcase reviews from your customers directly on your site. With tools like shortcodes, widgets, and customizable templates at your disposal, it’s easier than ever to manage your customer feedback. Think of it as your one-stop-shop for all things review-related.


In the realm of online reviews, Yelp holds an irreplaceable position, and these top 10 widgets allow businesses to leverage this power directly on their websites. Whether it’s for creating an easy navigation experience, increasing SEO ranking, or simply showcasing customer reviews, each of these widgets serves its unique purpose, making the task of choosing the right one for your business an exciting venture. 

Remember, reviews build trust, and trust drives sales, so incorporating Yelp review widgets can truly transform your online presence. Now that you’re armed with the information about the best Yelp widgets on the market, it’s time to take action and give your website visitors the confidence they need to engage with your business.