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What if Website Builders Were Humans, Who Would They Be?

Common Ninja,

Summary (TL;DR): In this article, we will personify popular website builders as human characters, each reflecting their unique features and functionalities. Through this creative approach, we aim to provide an engaging and relatable comparison of various website builders, highlighting their individual strengths and quirks. This imaginative exercise offers a fun and insightful perspective into the diverse world of web design.

What if Website Builders Were Humans, Who Would They Be?

Imagine if website builders were humans, each with their own unique personality traits, strengths, and quirks. This whimsical thought experiment allows us to personify popular website builders, giving them human characteristics that reflect their features and user experiences. 

From the versatile and user-friendly to the sophisticated and complex, let's explore who these website builders would be if they were people, offering a fun and insightful perspective into their distinct qualities.

Wix — The Jack-of-all-Trades

Wix is like your creatively versatile neighbor who's always up for a challenge. They dress in a smart-casual mix, like a black or dark blue graphic tee under a gray blazer with jeans and trendy sneakers, featuring splashes of Wix’s signature colors. 

For hobbies, Wix loves photography and painting, and they're always eager to try out the latest tech gadgets. On weekends, you might find them exploring a local art gallery or leading a DIY craft workshop.

Wix’s Info Card

Occupation: Creative Artist/Designer

Style: Smart-Casual. Wears a dark blue graphic tee under a light grey blazer, paired with classic blue jeans. Completes the look with trendy white sneakers.


  • Photography: Often seen with a high-end camera, capturing the beauty around.
  • Painting: Enjoys creating vibrant artworks; often has paint smears on hands as a sign of an active project.
  • Tech Enthusiast: Loves exploring the latest tech gadgets.

Personality Traits:

  • Versatile
  • Artistic
  • Innovative

Favorite Hangouts:

  • Local Art Galleries
  • DIY Craft Workshops
  • Tech Expos

Additional Notes:

  • Wix is known for his ability to blend creativity with functionality.
  • Enjoys leading DIY projects and workshops, inspiring others with his artistic skills.
  • Often found experimenting with new design software and tools.

WordPress - The Tech Nerd

WordPress is like a knowledgeable tech geek, always immersed in the latest digital trends and innovations. They have a casual yet smart style, preferring comfortable yet tech-inspired attire. Imagine them in a navy or deep blue hoodie with subtle hints of white or gray, matching the WordPress color scheme, paired with comfortable jeans and smart, tech-friendly sneakers. 

Their hobbies are deeply rooted in technology, such as coding, exploring new software, and engaging in online communities about tech advancements. They have a passion for e-books, especially on topics like computer science and digital media. In their free time, they might be found tinkering with gadgets, participating in online gaming, or blogging about the latest tech news and developments.

WordPress’s Info Card

Occupation: Software Developer / Tech Blogger

Style: Casual-Tech. Sports a navy blue hoodie with subtle white or gray accents, reflecting the WordPress color scheme. Wears comfortable jeans and smart, tech-oriented sneakers.


  • Coding: Spends hours writing and debugging code, always exploring new programming languages.
  • Digital Literature: Enthusiast of e-books, particularly on computer science and digital media.
  • Online Gaming: An avid gamer, often engaged in strategy games and online multiplayer platforms.

Personality Traits:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Tech-Savvy
  • Innovative

Favorite Hangouts:

  • Tech Meetups and Seminars
  • Online Tech Communities
  • Cozy Cafés for Blogging

Additional Notes:

  • WordPress is known for being ahead of the curve in tech trends and digital innovations.
  • Regularly blogs about the latest tech developments, offering insights and tips.
  • Often seen at local tech meetups, sharing knowledge and networking with fellow tech enthusiasts.

Webflow - The Innovative Designer

Webflow is your modern, cutting-edge designer, always ahead of trends. They wear sleek, minimalist clothing in monochromatic shades, accented with a pop of Webflow’s brand colors like a vibrant teal scarf or a magenta bag. 

Their hobbies include graphic design, 3D modeling, and fashion design. When not creating digital masterpieces, they're likely attending tech expos or participating in design competitions.

Webflow’s Info Card

Occupation: Digital Designer/Innovator

Style: Modern and Sleek. Wears minimalist black clothing with striking blue accessories, mirroring Webflow's brand colors. The style is both functional and fashion-forward.


  • Graphic Design: Passionate about creating visually stunning digital art.
  • 3D Modeling: Enjoys bringing ideas to life through 3D design and animation.
  • Fashion Design: Has a keen interest in fashion, often experimenting with new and unique designs.

Personality Traits:

  • Creative
  • Trendsetter
  • Tech-Savvy

Favorite Hangouts:

  • Modern Design Studios
  • Tech Expos
  • Fashion Shows

Additional Notes:

  • Webflow is recognized for pushing the boundaries in digital design, always staying ahead of trends.
  • Combines technical expertise with an artistic eye, resulting in innovative and impactful designs.
  • Actively participates in design competitions, often receiving accolades for creativity and originality.

Shopify - The Savvy Entrepreneur

Shopify is a dynamic businessperson, always on the move. They dress in tailored suits, exuding confidence and professionalism, with colors mirroring the Shopify brand. Imagine a suit in a dark green or black, accented with a tie or pocket square in Shopify green. 

In their free time, they're exploring new business ventures, keeping up with financial trends, or playing golf. Networking events are their playground, where they connect with other entrepreneurs.

Shopify’s Info Card

Occupation: Business Strategist/Entrepreneur

Style: Smart-Casual. Wears green and black colored attire, reflecting Shopify's brand palette, paired with a crisp white shirt. The outfit was chosen for both comfort and professionalism.


  • Business Ventures: Actively explores new and innovative business ideas.
  • Financial Trends: Keeps up-to-date with the latest market trends and economic strategies.
  • Golf: Enjoys playing golf, often used as a networking tool.

Personality Traits:

  • Dynamic
  • Confident
  • Forward-Thinking

Favorite Hangouts:

  • Business Networking Events
  • Golf Courses
  • Entrepreneurial Workshops

Additional Notes:

  • Shopify is known for a keen eye for market opportunities and a knack for turning ideas into successful ventures.
  • Balances a busy professional life with leisure activities that also serve networking purposes.
  • Maintains a sophisticated yet approachable demeanor, making them a popular figure in entrepreneurial circles.

Squarespace - The Artistic Visionary

Squarespace is the embodiment of creativity, with an eye for beauty in everything. Their style is artistic, perhaps a bohemian dress or a custom-designed suit in Squarespace’s black and white color palette, complemented with artistic patterns or accents. 

For hobbies, they're into arts and crafts, music, and creative writing. They might also be found rearranging their home with a keen eye for interior design.

Squarespace’s Info Card

Occupation: Artist/Interior Designer

Style: Bohemian and Elegant. Wears a blend of black, brown, silver, and gray, showcasing a unique, sophisticated style. The attire is a mix of artistic flair and contemporary fashion, reflecting a creative and visionary personality.


  • Arts and Crafts: Enjoys creating and experimenting with various art forms.
  • Music: Passionate about music, often found playing an instrument or composing.
  • Creative Writing: Dedicates time to writing, and expressing thoughts and visions through words.

Personality Traits:

  • Creative
  • Intuitive
  • Detail-Oriented

Favorite Hangouts:

  • Art Studios
  • Music Venues
  • Cozy Cafés for Writing

Additional Notes:

  • Squarespace has a natural talent for blending different artistic mediums, often leading to innovative and inspiring creations.
  • Known for a keen eye for interior design, transforming spaces into aesthetically pleasing and functional areas.
  • Approaches life with a deep sense of creativity, finding beauty and art in everyday surroundings.

Google Sites - The Practical Organizer

Google Sites is a methodical planner, always organized and efficient. They prefer practical and comfortable business casual attire, incorporating the colors of the Google Sites logo. This could be a smart shirt in a lighter shade like blue or gray, paired with comfortable trousers and a Google-colored (blue, red, yellow, green) accessory, such as a scarf or belt. 

In their leisure time, they engage in hobbies that are centered around organization and planning, like coordinating community events. They also enjoy puzzles, strategy games, and outdoor activities like hiking or bird watching. This character exudes a sense of order and practicality, always prepared and ready to tackle any challenge with a strategic approach.

Google Sites’ Info Card

Occupation: Teacher/Organizer

Style: Business Casual with a Creative Twist. Wears comfortable yet stylish attire featuring Google's vibrant colors - blue, red, yellow, and green. The clothing is practical for a day in the classroom but with a touch of personality.


  • Event Planning: Skilled at organizing community events and educational activities.
  • Puzzles and Strategy Games: Enjoys challenging the mind with various puzzles and games.
  • Hiking and Bird Watching: Loves to explore nature and observe wildlife in her free time.

Personality Traits:

  • Methodical
  • Efficient
  • Nature-Lover

Favorite Hangouts:

  • The Classroom
  • Community Centers
  • Local Nature Trails

Additional Notes:

  • Google Sites excels at creating organized and efficient systems, both in her professional life as a teacher and in her personal interests.
  • Her classroom is a model of organization, where students are encouraged to engage in strategic thinking and problem-solving.
  • Balances her methodical nature with a love for the outdoors, often participating in hiking and bird-watching to reconnect with nature.


Personifying website builders as humans provides a creative and engaging way to understand their unique characteristics and functionalities. Just like people, each website builder has its own personality, strengths, and areas where it excels. 

Whether it's the friendly and approachable nature of a simple drag-and-drop builder or the sophisticated and professional demeanor of a more complex platform, each has its place in the world of web design. 

This imaginative exercise not only adds a bit of fun to the comparison of website builders but also helps in understanding which platform might be the best fit for different users' needs. In the end, the diversity of these 'personalities' ensures that there's a perfect match for every web designer's requirements and style.