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Single Elimination
Double Elimination
March Madness
Round Robin

Bracket Makers

Classic Brackets

Create a simple bracket based on any type of tournament, update scores, announce winners, and add some useful info about dates, locations, players, and games summaries.

Classic Brackets

Round By Round Voting Brackets

Use our powerful voting brackets to allow users to vote for their favorite player on each round in order to help him win and move to the next round.

Round By Round Voting Brackets

Predictive Brackets

With Common Ninja's predictive brackets you can create a competition for your users who may create their own brackets and try to predict who will win each game and the entire tournament.

Predictive Brackets

Custom Brackets

Create any type of tournament you like with our flexible custom brackets generator.

Custom Brackets
Classic BracketsRound By Round Voting BracketsPredictive BracketsCustom Brackets

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Brackets & Tournaments

Multiple layouts & endless design options

Design and change the brackets as you want. Choose the layout, add a color scheme, change fonts, sizes, add images and more.

Host, embed or export your tournament

  • Host your tournament on our servers and share it’s link on social media
  • Embed the tournament in your own website by copying a single line of code
  • Export your bracket to PNG of PDF with one click

The plugin will update automatically after every change you make.

Embed brackets
White Label Tournament Brackets

White Label Tournament Brackets

Utilize our white-label solution to engage your community and drive traffic. Allow users to create tournaments under your brand and on your site. Contact us for more information.

There’s even more

Collect email address
Collect Email Addresses

Allow users to signup to your tournament as participants, teams or players.

Add standing table
Standing & Ranking Tables

Add more views to your bracket so users will be able to view their score and ranking in the tournament.

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What are Brackets Tournaments plugins?

A bracket tournament is a sequence or series of games between participating teams involved in a single-elimination competition. A tournament bracket is referred to as such because of its resemblance to square bracket punctuation marks when written or typed onto paper.

What are bracket and tournament plugins used for?

There are many websites that cover various sport events. So, brackets and tournament creator help bring the visual representation of a team’s progress to life.

These plugins make it easier for you to navigate, update, and upload brackets and tournaments without any tedious extra steps. You can expect full control of your tournaments and brackets. These are some of the types of tournaments we have at Common Ninja: Single Elimination, double elimination, round robin and march madness.

How to add brackets to my website?

Create a simple bracket based on any type of tournament, update scores, announce winners, and add some useful info about dates, locations, players, and games. With prediction brackets plugins maker you can create a competition for your users who may create their own brackets and try to predict who will win each game and the entire tournament. Design and change the brackets as you want. Choose the layout, add a color scheme, change fonts, sizes, add images, and more. After you finish creating the brackets using the bracket generator, embed the tournament on your own website by copying a single line of code.

What are the benefits of brackets tournament plugins?

Plenty of people are making a living covering their favorite sport on their website. It is usually used by sports websites when they add brackets, league tables, lineups, and other dynamic content to make the site stand out among the many.

Do I need professional skills to integrate brackets and tournament plugins?

No, they are easy to embed, simple to integrate, and automatically update so they need no supervision. Just copy/paste of the embedded code will install the plugin instantly.

What is March Madness?

March Madness is a popular sports event where the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments take place. This event is usually held in mid March, hence its name. The NCAA college basketball tournament is single-elimination and features 68 teams taking part, trying to survive three weekends of games to be crowned the national champions.Each year, millions of fans fill out their own brackets, attempting to predict the winners of all the games.

The tournament’s popularity is a perfect opportunity for you to add NCAA brackets, Pick'em, on your website. This way basketball enthusiasts can put and follow their predictions on your website with the help of rich-featured bracket plugins.

How to add a March Madness tournament bracket to my site?

First, you can go through the tutorials on how to add logos to your team and how to add participants.

To add a March Madness tournament, you need to go into the “Settings” option and select “March Madness”. Once you go through the first two tutorials, you’ll know how to create a spot for 16 participants. With the plugin, you can create Semi Finals, Final, and Final Four Match among 8 divided participants. Next, the 2 Final Four matches will be played, and each winner will be brought to the last round of the tournament.

After this, you’re ready to run a tournament!

How do brackets tournaments plugins help you online?

You can create responsive brackets for online gaming easily by inserting the brackets plugins into your website and later host, embed or export your tournament. With our brackets plugins, extensions, and widgets you can design free online classic brackets, round by round voting brackets, and predictive brackets (Pick'em). You have multiple layouts and endless design options to create any bracket you want.

How bracket tournament plugins help website users?

Brackets tournament plugins help users spread the word about the website. Because of its modern look, it keeps things entertaining for the viewer. Many website returnees applaud the brackets tournament plugin for the mature way the website looks.

How to create brackets for online gaming?

To create brackets and manage online gaming tournaments you will need a new account to get started on your tournaments design. First, on the Plugin’s page by clicking the “Create'' button you will enter the editor. Once you’ve entered, on the left panel you’ll find the options to customize the Plugin’s content and settings. Once you’ve edited the plugin, you can proceed with saving your progress.

The Common Ninja Bracket and Tournament plugin is suitable to manage any online gaming tournaments.

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