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Why use a Countdown Promo Bar?

The countdown promo bar is an ultra-trendy marketing tool that’s used to turn users into customers very easily.

Countdown Promo Bar
Increase Sales

Increase Sales

Increase your sales by notifying users of your upcoming or existing sales. Create a little bit of urgency, and pique their interest!

Convert and Monetize Your Website Traffic

Attract crowds of potential shoppers and monetize the traffic by offering them enticing sales with a bit of urgency.

Convert and Monetize Your Website Traffic
Engage With Your Customers

Engage With Your Customers

Engage your customers with a stylish countdown promo bar that creates urgency.

Works perfectly on mobile devices!

This plugin’s responsive design helps display it across all mobile device screens.

Works perfectly on mobile devices!
Rich Design Options and Multiple Layouts!

Rich Design Options and Multiple Layouts!

Choose between many design options and layouts. Tailor your countdown promo bar to fit your brand’s needs and entice potential customers.

Advanced Features

Full RTL support
Full RTL support

Like all of our other plugins, the countdown promo bar has full RTL support.

Custom CSS
Custom CSS

Tweak and customize your countdown promo bar Plugin with the custom CSS option. Change the color schemes, fonts, and sizes to adjust the plugin to your needs!

User Analytics Included!
Upload Images

Use our media manager service to upload, manage, and edit your images.

User Analytics Included!
User Analytics Included!

The countdown promo bar comes with integrated user Analytics so you can always see your customer’s buying habits.

Embed it on your Website!

To add it to your website you only need to copy a single line of code to any platform or website. The plugin will update automatically after every change you make!

Embed it on your Website!

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What is a countdown promo bar?

So, countdown timers are used to count back to zero of a set date and time for a special promotion, sale, or last chance to buy a product. The timer is put in a visible place, ensuring that customers won't miss it. It creates a sense of urgency and plays on the FOMO phenomenon while at the same time promoting your other services as well. Countdown timers are ultra trendy in digital marketing and can be found anywhere.

Why Use a countdown promo bar on Your Website?

The countdown promo bar notifies all users about existing promotions. It could be either to countdown to the start or end of a promotion or sale. This is a highly powerful tool to entice users and turn them into customers. It’s also a great way to monetize on the high traffic that your sales and promotions create. With the sense of urgency and the exclusivity of the offers, you can lower cart abandonment at the checkout, and pique users' interest about what else you have to offer. The built-in analytics also help keep track of your users’ browsing habits, so you can always give them exactly what they need.

How to Add A Countdown Promo Bar Plugin on Your Website?

Adding our countdown promo bar Plugin is extremely easy and requires no previous coding knowledge. You can add your own countdown promo bar by simply copying a single line of code onto your platform or website. No need to go back in and add it every time you’re having a sale. You only need to embed it once and you can use it whenever you have a special sale coming up. All of the changes that you make later on will automatically update on the plugin. This includes all changes in design, layout, and timer.

How To Create A Countdown promo bar?

Creating your very own countdown promo bar is super easy. First, you need to embed it on your website, and afterward, the possibilities are endless. You can start by choosing your color scheme. Then choose the timer, input the time, and fully customize it to fit your needs. You can change the layout and design for each new sale you’re having with just a few clicks. No need to use the same countdown promo bar over and over again and bore your users. Since it’s so easy to make a new countdown promo bar, there’s no reason not to play around with it!

Can I Customize My countdown promo bar?

Absolutely! Our countdown promo bara plugin comes with multiple design options and layouts for you to choose from. What’s more, it includes a custom CSS that you can tweak to fit your needs. You can change the design, color scheme, timer type, font, and much more. You can truly make the countdown timer your own and adjust it according to your promotion. A specially tailored countdown promo bar for each and every sale is just a few clicks away. No reason to pass on it!

Is the countdown promo bar Mobile-Friendly?

Yes! All of the Common Ninja plugins are optimized for mobile. The design you choose will translate perfectly across all different device screens, so users from all walks of life can be notified about your special promotions and sales. It shows across mobile devices seamlessly, so not only will you notify users and make them want to buy, but you’ll also pique their interest to see what else you have in store for them. Increase your mobile sales as well, by effortlessly engaging mobile users and turning them into customers.

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