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Dozen of table skins

Design and change the table as you want. Choose the skin, add a color scheme, change fonts, background and more.

Responsive Pricing Tables
Add multiple plans, highlight the best one

Add multiple plans, highlight the best one

Add as much pricing plan as you need for your product, then highlight one of them to increase the conversion.

Endless design options

Text, rating, buttons and PayPal checkout
Text, rating, buttons and PayPal checkout
Full RTL support
Full RTL support
Image uploads
Image uploads
Custom CSS
Custom CSS

Embed once in your website or export with one click

Copy a single line of code to any platform or website. The plugin will update automatically after every change you make.

Embed once in your website

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What is a pricing table?

A pricing table is a tabular content element. It is designed to help customers easily decide which payment plan to choose. It also helps them decide on what service to purchase. Businesses leverage pricing tables to provide a clear, concise, and engaging look at the various offerings and their subsequent cost. Pricing tables can be placed on a separate page on your website. They can also be integrated into blog articles and other pages to increase conversion.

How to create a pricing table?

There are dozens of table skins, multiple plans, and design options to help you create a pricing table. With the Common Ninja app plugins generator, you can design and change the table as you want.

Go to the plugin page and click on ‘Create’. Here you’ll be able to choose the skin, add a color scheme, change fonts, background, and more. You can also add as many pricing plans as needed for your product, then highlight one of them to increase the conversion. Once you’re done editing and customizing your pricing table, you can save it and it’s ready to get added to your website.

How to add a pricing table to my website?

With the Common Ninja plugin maker, you can easily create and add pricing table plugins to your website and design them as you want. Without any skills, you can use a shortcode to integrate the plugin into your site and have it working optimally. Once you’re done with editing your pricing table, you can head on to the ‘Add to Website’ section where you’ll find the installation guide. Simply copy the code provided and paste it into your website’s HTML editor. All subsequent changes you make to the plugin will automatically update on your website as well.

Why should you have a pricing table on your website?

A pricing table is a design element that requires the designer to communicate information clearly and precisely. The plugin makes the site as intuitive as possible. Pricing tables play an important role for every company that offers products or services. They must be simple but at the same time clearly differentiate between different product or service features and prices. A pricing table helps users pick the most appropriate plan for them and allows them to view all prices and offers clearly.

How can pricing tables help users?

A good responsive pricing table includes a clear and concise 'Call to Action’ button, that leads the customer to move forward to purchase. With them, you can emphasize certain keywords, plans, or features, by using eye-catchy graphics or larger fonts. An excellently crafted pricing table will psychologically assist the site users to make a purchase.

Is the pricing table mobile-friendly?

The Pricing Table builder is one of the most user-friendly for your site. Like many extensions, the Pricing Table plugin is available and seen on mobile and other devices. The Pricing Table will shrink due to the size of your telephone, but by minimizing, scrolling, and expanding - you can see it well on your phone screen.

What is a pricing table toggle?

Pricing table toggle plugins let your visitors toggle between 2 alternate pricing tables. This can be used to display “monthly” and “yearly” options, or different currencies. These plugins include various toggle options to create pricing tables with a great amount of data. Similar to this table, the price comparison table also allows you to make comparisons between prices for you to make a more informed decision.

How to create a pricing table toggle?

Create your pricing table toggle by going into the Plugin editor and choosing the toggle option. Input the content that you want your users to toggle between and save your plugin. Copy the code and add it to the website(if you haven’t already). It is fast and easy, and after every change you make, the plugins update automatically.

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