Common Ninja for Publishers

Empower Your Content Creation with Common Ninja's Powerful Widgets

Rapid Content Enhancement

Empower your writers with the tools to create interactive, engaging content in no time. With our intuitive, easy-to-use widgets, crafting compelling content becomes a breeze.

No-Code Widget Editor

Break free from the constraints of coding. Our no-code widget editor allows your writers to focus on what they do best - creating captivating stories and informative pieces.

3 Levels of Customization

Tailor your content to resonate with your audience. With three levels of customization, your writers can create unique, personalized experiences that keep readers coming back for more.

Flawless Integration and White Label Solutions

Seamlessly incorporate Common Ninja widgets into your content writing platform. Our tools are designed for flawless integration, ensuring smooth operation and consistency across your platform. Moreover, with our white-label solutions, you can offer these powerful tools under your brand name, enhancing your platform's value and maintaining a cohesive brand image.

Premium Support

At Common Ninja, your success is our priority. Rely on our premium support whenever you need assistance or guidance.

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