Common Ninja for SaaS Platforms

Supercharge Your Online Business Platform with Common Ninja's Powerful, No-Code Widgets

Widgets as a Service

Deploy our Widgets as a Service (WaaS) to streamline operations and provide consistent, high-quality experiences. Gain the agility and flexibility to evolve with your users' needs and market trends.

White-Label Solution

Expand your business opportunities with the Common Ninja Reseller Program and our innovative White Label Solutions. Our advanced widget development platform allows you to bring a wide array of services to your customers under your own brand.

Common Ninja's White Label Solution

Deep Integrations

Leverage our deep integrations to connect seamlessly with your existing systems and platforms. Enhance functionality, boost productivity, and provide comprehensive solutions that set your platform apart.

Customizable Experiences

Deliver personalized experiences with our highly customizable widgets. Empower your users to create unique digital presences that resonate with their customers and amplify their brand.

Partnership Opportunities

Join our partner ecosystem and get privileged access to our advanced tools, premium support, and industry expertise. Together, we can lead the way in online business innovation.

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