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Top 10 Duda Apps for Better Websites

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Summary (TL;DR): In this article, we are going to discuss Duda — a powerful website builder, and offer you a selection of the top ten must-have Duda apps that will help you improve your Duda website.

Top 10 Duda Apps for Better Websites

Duda is a powerful website builder and a popular choice for web creators who want to build stunning websites. The Duda website builder is a flexible platform with lots of useful tools with which users can create a variety of websites, including e-commerce websites, membership websites, portfolio websites and many more.  

While Duda offers robust features, its efficiency and functionality can be further improved with third-party apps. These apps can add more substance to the website and aid users in reaching their goals like increased conversions, more traffic, better SEO scores, and much more. Today we’ll discuss the top Duda apps

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What is Duda?

Duda is a powerful website builder that was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in the USA. It has offices in five countries and according to Duda, over 14 million websites have been built on the Duda platform. Its website building platform is easy to use and requires no coding knowledge. 

Duda offers a selection of third-party apps that offer various benefits and we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Duda apps that every Duda user should consider adding to their website. 

Common Ninja’s Apps for Duda

Before we start with the list, we would like to point out that Common Ninja has a large selection of free and extremely easy-to-use Duda apps that you can add to your Duda website easily. Be sure to check them out! 

Top 10 Duda Apps 

1. Paperform

Forms are an integral part of marketing as they allow businesses to collect important information, survey your customers, and cut down on busywork. Paperform is a powerful online form builder that makes it easy to create beautiful forms, take payments, schedule appointments, and put manual processes on autopilot. With it, you can onboard clients, collect feedback, create lead generation quizzes, and manage responses right from inside Duda. The app offers rich customization options, over 3000 integrations, and features over 650 templates that you can choose from. 

Paperform’s integration into Duda has two price points specially formulated for Duda customers:

  • $7/mo for Essentials – this is $20/mo via Paperform directly
  • $13/mo for Pro – this is $40/mo via Paperform directly


Logos are an essential part of any business and choosing the right logo design is paramount to the success of a business. The LOGO app enables you to create clean, professional, and unique logo designs. The logo creation process is very easy, and for the app to start generating a logo, all you need to do is input your business name. Alternatively, you can choose a pre-made logo from a large selection. 

Pricing: Starting from $20 a month.

3. Loxi

Calendars are a necessity for every service. It’s easy to lose track of events if they’re not scheduled the right way. Loxi is a simple online events calendar that allows you to schedule and promote your events from within one place. You can use it to manage and customize your calendar directly from Duda. The app allows you to display virtual events, create repeating events, find events by keyword, location, or category, and much more with this stunning mobile-friendly calendar.

Pricing: Starting from $8 a month.

4. Site Search 360

Navigation is an important factor to consider if you want to provide good user experience. One important navigational element, that can drastically improve your users’ experience, is a search option. Site Search 360 is a powerful on-site search engine that allows you to unify results from your site, shop, and blog in one easy-to-navigate interface. The content is automatically structured to be presented in clean search snippets and the results are auto-updated whenever the site is re-published. 

Pricing: Free plan available.

5. Usercentrics

User consent is important. Without it, any data you collect on your website is worthless, since you can’t use it. Usercentrics is a Consent Management Platform (CMP) that enables publishers to obtain, manage, and document the consent of their site visitors and helps achieve GDPR and CCPA compliance.

Pricing: Free plan available.

6. Neustar Localeze

Business listings help businesses get noticed. They are published on major platforms like Google, Yahoo and many more, and make your business visible to a large number of people. While they are great, managing them is a nightmare. Neustar Localeze enables businesses to manage their online identity by claiming, reviewing, and enhancing business listing information from one easy-to-use tool. They work directly with over 90 platforms and help keep listings accurate and consistent on all of them.

Pricing: Starting from $7.99 a month.

7. AudioEye 

Accessibility is, oftentimes, a major issue for many websites. There are many people with various difficulties who require certain features to help them access a website better. AudioEye makes digital accessibility fast, simple, and affordable. By combining AI with certified experts it will automatically detect, monitor, and re-mediate accessibility issues.

Pricing: Starting from $49 a month.

8. Kliken

If you want to add ads to your website, particularly Google Ads, and you are new to the subject, it can be overwhelming, time-consuming and difficult. Kliken is a service that helps you build and manage Google Ads marketing campaigns. With Kliken, you’re able to set up your campaign in less than 10 minutes.

Pricing: Free plan available.

9. Uberall

Online visibility is an important factor for any business. Businesses should use every opportunity they have to be more visible to potential customers. The “near me” feature can elevate your business. Uberall provides a seamless “near me” experience for companies for a more optimal online visibility. 

Pricing: Starting from $120 a year.

10. Vcita

Communicating with clients, marketing, managing calendars and invites, and sending invoices are necessary to the success of a business, but these tasks can be time-consuming and demanding. Vcita helps small businesses to run their business more effectively by centralizing many of the day-to-day operations into a single interface.

Pricing: Starting from $14.50 a month.

Easily Enhance Your Duda Website to Improve User Experience

Duda is a powerful website builder. And, while it offers a robust set of tools, it can be enhanced even more with third-party apps that provide additional functionalities to Duda websites. In addition to the 10 powerful apps above, we encourage you to explore Common Ninja’s apps — all of which work perfectly with Duda websites.