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Top 5 Chart Making Apps & Plugins for Any Website

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Summary (TL;DR): In this article, we are going to explore what charts and graphs are, where they are used and how they can improve user experience and increase engagement. We will also offer you the top five chart and graph-making apps that you can use to add fully customizable charts and graphs to your website.

Top 5 Chart Making Apps & Plugins for Any Website

Large amounts of data can be hard to sift through, and it will certainly take a lot of time and effort to do so. Chances are, that unless you are someone who enjoys going through large stacks of data, you will probably lose interest, and get bored very quickly.

This becomes very problematic when you try to present important or exciting data-based information to other people in order to affect their opinion or encourage them to take a certain action.

For example, you may be interested in showcasing your strengths and weaknesses with a yearly report and highlight the areas your team needs to work on; or, perhaps, you may want to share exciting news about the performance of your product to boost morale; or, maybe, you’d like to share other relevant data-based information to achieve equally important goals.

Luckily, with charts, graphs and other visual aids, you can present this extensive information in a nice, visually pleasing way that will be easy to understand and follow.

Below, we list some of the best plugins and apps for creating charts and graphs that can help you create and embed statistical graphics on your website.

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What Are Charts & Graphs?

Charts, graphs and similar visual assets, offer a graphical representation of numerical and qualitative data that is easy to read and understand. With their aid, you can present information clearly, concisely and in a visually appealing way that will help you to deliver your message and affect opinions. 

According to data collected by chart maker Infogram, users spend up to twice as much time engaging with articles with data visualization. Moreover, sites using charts saw up to 317% improvement in the depth of scroll. For publishers and content creators, these numbers can make the difference between a successful and failed website. 

Types of Charts & Graphs + Examples

All graphs are charts, but not all charts are graphs. Before we delve deeper into the various types of charts and graphs, it is important to note that the term “charts” encompasses all visual representations of data, including graphs. 

Bar Charts & Graphs

bar charts example

A bar chart is a graph represented by rectangular bars. These graphs are often placed in close proximity to each other to show the differences in their heights. They can be horizontal or vertical, and may sometimes be called column graphs. They are used primarily to compare things and track changes over time. 

Pie Charts

pie chart example

A pie chart is a graph represented by a circle. The data on this graph is represented in sections or portions of a circle (like a piece of a pie, or pizza) and each section is part of the whole. They are used primarily to compare parts of a whole. 

Line Graphs

line graph example

Line graphs are represented by a single line that connects various points on the graph. 

They are used primarily to track changes over a certain period of time and can be used to track several groups simultaneously. 

Area Charts 

area chart example

Area charts are similar to line graphs with the distinction of having the observed/segmented data colored to clearly show the value and offer a stronger visual representation. 

Stacked Column Charts

stacked column example

A stacked column allows to stack data one on top of the other. They are used to show data, changes and other variables within a compact space. 

Donut Charts

donut chart exmaple

Donut charts are a variation of the Pie charts, with the difference of these having a whole in the middle (like a doughnut). The empty space in the middle enables additional data to be displayed, thus enabling more information to be presented. 

Pyramid Charts

pyramid chart example

A pyramid chart is in the shape of a pyramid, where each section has a different size/width. This type of chart is used to represent a hierarchy in a clear and understandable manner (like food hierarchy, or Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, for example).  

Funnel Charts

funnel chart example

A funnel chart is in the form of a funnel and is used to represent various stages like a sales funnel. 

Radial Charts

radial chart example

A radial chart includes circular shapes to compare various categories. The chart is similar to the regular bar graphs, it is mainly used for aesthetic reasons.

Spiderweb Charts

spiderweb chart example

A spiderweb chart is in the shape of a spiderweb and is used to display data across several dimensions.

Radar Charts

radar chart example

A radar chart is in the form of radar and is also used primarily for aesthetic reasons.

3D Charts & Graphs

3d chart example

3D charts are simply that, 3D variations of the aforementioned charts used to enhance the visual aesthetics 

What Can You Use Charts & Graphs for?

You can use charts and graphs to represent: 

  • Annual Reports
  • Fun Facts
  • Projected Future Results
  • Comparisons 
  • To represent changes
  • Financial information
  • Different segments 
  • Improvements
  • and more!

Top 5 Charts & Graphs Makers

1. Common Ninja: Charts & Graphs

a screenshot of common ninja's charts & graphs app

Common Ninja’s Charts & Graphs app is fully customizable, perfectly responsive and features a wide variety of charts including all of the aforementioned types of charts (bar, pie,  pyramid, etc.) and includes multi-source data import (CSV files, Google Drive, and others). The app will enable you to improve & expedite the decision-making process of your users, summarize large amounts of data and enhance your website’s design. 

Pricing Plans: Free. Comes with premium plans as well, starting from $3.99.

Supported Platform/s: Compatible with ALL site builders, e-commerce platforms, and websites (Shopify, WordPress, Elementor, Wix, Squarespace, Duda, etc)

2. wpDataTables

a screenshot of wpdatatables wordpress listing

wpDataTables is a WordPress table plugin. It enables the creation of tables & table charts from Excel, CSV, PHP and other data sources, to represent data in a concise and user-friendly way. With it, you can merge cells, add or remove columns, rows change the fonts and more. 

Pricing: Free plan available, as well as premium plans starting from $59.

Compatible Platforms: WordPress.

3. Visualizer

a screenshot of visualizer's wordpress listing

Visualizer by Themeisle is a WordPress plugin that allows users to create, manage and embed interactive, responsive charts & tables into their WordPress posts and pages. With the plugin, users can add responsive & animated charts, graphs and tables, which support cross-browser compatibility and display perfectly on mobile devices. 

Pricing: a free version is available as well as premium ones starting from $99.

Compatible Platforms: WordPress.

4. Graphina

a screenshot of graphina's wordpress listing

Graphina is a WordPress plugin that allows users to create several kinds of graphs and charts for a sorted and clear display of data on their website. 

Pricing: Free version available as well as premium versions starting from $39.

Compatible Platforms: WordPress.

5. M Chart

a screenshot of m chart's wordpress listing

M Chart will enable you to manage data sets via a spreadsheet interface and present that data in chart form. The charts can then be embedded into a regular post via a shortcode.

Pricing: Free.

Compatible Platforms: WordPress.

Create Beautiful Charts & Graphs To Engage Your Users

There are plenty of options out there if you’re looking for a table chart maker for your website, blog, or app. Some apps are limited in what they offer, while others offer lots of functionality and are very expensive. Consider using Common Ninja’s Charts & Graphs app. It includes powerful features, is free and has even more powerful features for the lowest prices available.