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Top 10 React Courses To Help You Become a Better Developer (+Free)

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Summary (TL;DR): In this article, we are going to discuss React — an increasingly popular JavaScript library in the technology industry, and offer you a selection of free and paid React online courses which you can take to become a better React developer.

Top 10 React Courses To Help You Become a Better Developer (+Free)

Programming skills are worth investing in, especially in today’s world, where these skills are in high demand. From website development to plugin development and mobile application development — there are numerous areas where these skills are required and where good developers can earn good money. 

Proper programming and development, however, require significant knowledge of various coding languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and many more. With so many coding frameworks and libraries in use today, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which skills are worth spending time developing. 

One skill that programmers and developers should definitely be investing in is React. This is a relatively new JavaScript library, so there aren’t a lot of people in the technology industry who are familiar with it. This makes job candidates who are familiar with React JS very hot commodities. 

Learning React can be complicated, but there are tons of resources available online for those who wish to gain this skill. In this article, we will discuss what exactly React is, what it does and the best React courses — both free and paid — available online.

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What is React?

React (also known as React.js or React JS) is an open-source, front-end JavaScript library used to build web applications and user interfaces. React is based on UI components, and although it is technically a library, it works like a framework.

React uses both class and functional components to render, mount, and unmount in what’s called the “React Component Lifestyle.” It can be used as a base in both single-page and mobile applications. 

In other words, React allows developers to easily build interactive, dynamic web apps. It’s one of the most rapidly-growing development skills in the world, and there’s a range of tools and resources available for it. 

Best React Courses

React JS is currently one of the most popular JavaScript libraries. It provides excellent solutions to some of the most prominent issues in front-end development, and because of this, there’s a very high demand for programmers and developers who are familiar with React!

There’s never been a better time to learn this JavaScript library. Below, we’ll highlight some of the best paid and free courses available online for those looking to learn this incredibly valuable programming skill.  

1. React – The Complete Guide

React – The Complete Guide is an online course available from Udemy. It’s an ideal course for those looking to learn React from scratch, including students and anyone else interested in learning one of today’s most in-demand web development skills. 

This course will teach you everything you need to know to successfully build React web apps, including:

  • Hooks
  • Redux
  • Next.js
  • Animations
  • React Routing

React – The Complete Guide was recently updated, allowing you to learn the latest version of React JS. You can choose either the complete 48-hour course to learn all there is to know about React, or the 4-hour summary module to learn the basics. 

Pricing: Personal plan – 7-day free trial, then $29.99 per month / Lifetime access – $129.99

2. Modern React with Redux

While no prior experience with React or Redux is necessary to understand this next course, Modern React with Redux is best-suited for programmers or developers who would like to learn React. 

This online course teaches you everything you need to know to master not only React, but Redux as well. It teaches important concepts such as:

  • Hooks
  • Webpack
  • React Router
  • Create-React-App

By the end of the course, you will be able to build single-page applications using both React JS and Redux and become fluent in React toolchains. These include:

  • NPM
  • Babel
  • Webpack
  • ES6/ES2015 JavaScript syntax

Through 31 lesson sections and 570 lectures, you’ll fully understand the design patterns used to build some of the most popular web apps. 

Pricing: Personal plan – 7-day free trial, then $29.99 per month / Lifetime access – $109.99

3. Codecademy: React 101

React 101 is an intermediate React JS course available through Codecademy. Before you start this course, it’s recommended that you have a basic understanding of HTML and a strong foundational knowledge of JavaScript. 

Throughout this course, you’ll develop a working knowledge of the essential parts of React, including:

  • JSX
  • Props
  • State
  • Hooks
  • Lifecycle methods
  • Class and function components

Through different aspects of modular programming, you will learn to make React components, as well as the ways these components interact with each other. By the end of the seven lessons, you’ll have a completed project that you can add to your portfolio, showcasing your new skills. 

Pricing: Basic course – free with Codecademy account / Pro lessons – $39.99/month (billed monthly), $19.99/month (billed annually)

4. Complete React Developer in 2022

If you’re looking for something more than a beginner React tutorial, consider Complete React Developer. This course teaches you the skills you need to become a React JS master, including:

  • Hooks
  • Stripe
  • Redux
  • Firebase
  • GraphQL
  • Context API

To understand this course, you will need a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, no prior experience with React or any other JavaScript framework is necessary. It focuses on efficiency, and all code is provided step-by-step. By the end of the course, you will have a complete project to add to your portfolio!

Complete React Developer is taught by instructors who have hands-on experience using React at some of the world’s largest tech firms. If you want to learn how to build reactive, large-scale applications, this is the course for you.

Pricing: Personal plan – 7-day free trial, then $29.99 per month / Lifetime access – $99.99

5. Epic React

Epic React is a comprehensive, hands-on series of interactive workshops. It’s recommended for intermediate or advanced developers, and you will need a strong understanding of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to complete the course successfully. 

This self-paced online course begins with React fundamentals and carries you through to application architecture. Some of the things you’ll learn include:

  • React fundamentals
  • Basic and advanced Hooks
  • Advanced React Patterns
  • Testing and building applications

When you sign-up for this course, you’ll gain access to 19 hours of in-depth video training, as well as 10 hours of interviews and video conversations with React experts. Consider this course if you’re an experienced developer looking to create a high-quality React application.

Pricing: Epic React Pro – $599 / Epic React Standard – $264 / Epic React Basic – $119

6. The Modern React Bootcamp

Modern React Bootcamp is another great online course for React beginners. You’ll work with React libraries and tools to learn the basics, including hooks, props, and states, then move on to more advanced concepts. 

This course helps you design beautifully interfaced React projects and teaches you to master React Router. While some experience with CSS, HTML, and Javascript is required, you don’t need to be an expert. 

This course curriculum is classroom-tested for success. It builds on concepts one at a time to prevent confusion, and is a great course for anyone with no prior experience with front-end frameworks. It includes one code-along project, including many different React components for hands-on experience. 

Pricing: Personal plan – 7-day free trial, then $29.99 per month / Lifetime access – $99.99

7. The Road to React

The Road to React is a digital book and set of resources that teach you everything you need to know to create a React application from scratch. It’s beginner-friendly, exploring React concepts in a step-by-step manner, and includes hands-on exercises after each chapter.

This digital book includes everything related to React, from basic components to advanced concepts such as:

  • Rendering
  • React’s context
  • Higher-order components

Real-world application features are highlighted, including pagination and client/server-side filtering. By the end of your journey, you’ll have a good enough working knowledge of top-level APIs and JSX to create a modern front-end React application. 

Pricing: Bare Essentials – $29 / Essentials – $49 / Professional – $79

8. Advanced React and Redux

Advanced React and Redux is the perfect course for programmers who already have a basic understanding of React and Redux. To succeed in these lessons, make sure you understand actions, action creators, and reducers.

This course offers walkthroughs on advanced React v16.6.3 and React v4.0.0 concepts, including:

  • HOCs
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Middlewares
  • Authentication

You’ll learn how to use higher-order components with less coding, as well as how to set up your own testing environment through Jest and Enzyme. By the end, you will be able to write Redux middleware from scratch to handle any asynchronous actions and master authentication, one of the most complicated topics in JavaScript.

Pricing: Personal plan – 7-day free trial, then $29.99 per month / Lifetime access – $84.99

9. Front-End Web Development with React

Front-End Web Development with React explores JavaScript ES6-based front-end development using React. It covers various aspects of React and Redux, including React Router and single-page applications. 

It offers an introduction to ReactStrap, a component used for Bootstrap 4-based responsive UI design. Due to this, previous experience with Bootstrap 4 and a working knowledge of JavaScript ES5 is required.

By the time you finish this course, you’ll be familiar with the following concepts and more:

  • ReactStrap
  • Functional front-end web applications
  • The React library and various React features
  • Client-side JavaScript app development
  • Using Redux to design application architecture

Front-End React offers flexible deadlines to work within your schedule, and the course takes approximately 36 hours to complete.

Pricing: 7-day free trial, then $49/month

10. React Class Component Fundamentals (Legacy)’s React Class Component Fundamentals was recorded with an older version of React. While the core concepts are the same, there are a few technical differences you’ll have to resolve. However, if you’re looking for the best free React courses, this is an excellent choice.

This course offers a fantastic overview of React class components, helping beginners explore the fundamentals. It’s a great resource for anyone just getting started with React, or those working within Legacy Mode. 

Throughout 21 lessons, you’ll learn the basic React components. In addition, you’ll become familiar with lifecycle methods and JSX to set up a simple React web application.

Pricing: Free

Get Started With These Amazing Courses on React

React JS allows programmers and developers to create beautifully-rendered front-end web applications, and it solves many of the issues related to front-end development. Due to its increasing popularity, programmers familiar with React are high in demand within the technology sector. 

If you’re looking for free courses, try checking out’s React Class Component Fundamentals or Codecademy’s React 101. If you don’t mind paying for online courses, The Road to React or React – The Complete Guide may be your best bet. 

Different courses are best-suited to different individuals, so consider your background and budget before deciding on the right course for you.