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Common Ninja Platform News: New Dashboard | Store Details API | Summer Hackathon

Daniel Sternlicht,

Summary (TL;DR): In this article, we will cover the latest updates, news and improvements that we’ve implemented to the Common Ninja developer platform.

Common Ninja Platform News: New Dashboard | Store Details API | Summer Hackathon

We are very excited to share with you recent news and updates related to our developer platform.

This month we announced our summer hackathon for e-commerce app developers, a couple of new commerce APIs, and a brand new dashboard where you can see statistics and important information about your app.

Just to remind you, Common Ninja is a developer platform for building and monetizing universal e-commerce apps. We provide a universal e-commerce API that allows developers to build apps once and launch them across multiple platforms. In addition, Common Ninja provides integrations with popular payment platforms – helping developers to monetize their apps very easily.

What’s New:

  • New dashboard (!)
  • APIs
    • Store details API
    • Orders’ range filter
    • Proxy API
  • Summer hackathon

New Dashboard (!)

The new dashboard was released this month and introduced some important information and useful statistics about your app.

The new dashboard gives you an overall snapshot of your app’s performance, how many stores are using your app, and how many active subscriptions your app has. In addition, it will show you information about your app’s revenue and installations based on data from multiple platforms.

New APIs

We added support for 3 new APIs:

  • Store details API: An endpoint for getting the store’s basic details such as nameurlcurrency, and country.
  • Orders’ range filter: We’ve added support for fetching a list of store’s orders with a time range filter.
  • Proxy API: An endpoint proxies requests to the relevant resource on a specific platform.

Summer Hackathon for E-Commerce App Developers

As announced earlier this month, our summer hackathon was officially launched last week with more than 180 developers who signed up to participate and develop e-commerce apps.

Learn more about the hackathon: