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Top Lottie Player Widgets (Plugins) for Websites in 2024

Common Ninja,

Summary (TL;DR): In this article, we are going to discuss the top Lottie Player widgets for your website. We’ll present a list of widgets, and explain what makes them interesting, what platforms they work with, and more.

Top Lottie Player Widgets (Plugins) for Websites in 2024

Web developers often grapple with the challenge of integrating smooth, lightweight animations into their websites without sacrificing performance. 

This is where Lottie animations come into play, offering high-quality animations that are both scalable and efficient in file size. However, to effectively utilize Lottie animations, one needs the right Lottie player widget that seamlessly integrates with their web framework and enhances user engagement. 

In this article, we are going to delve into the top Lottie player widgets available, comparing their features, ease of use, and compatibility with different web environments.

Common Ninja Lottie Player

The Common Ninja Lottie Player widget is an indispensable tool for any website aiming to captivate audiences with high-quality, interactive animations. This widget sets itself apart by offering advanced features such as multiple interaction modes, including hover, click, or scroll activations, along with autoplay, loop settings, and customizable animation speeds. 

Designed to provide a seamless integration experience, it supports drag-and-drop placement and easy configuration, making it the best choice for developers and designers alike. Whether you are looking to enhance storytelling, create dynamic advertisements, or offer an interactive user interface, the Common Ninja Lottie Player stands out as the superior solution for integrating sophisticated animations into any digital environment.

AM LottiePlayer

AM LottiePlayer for WordPress enables easy integration of Lottie animations into your site. This plugin supports essential features such as autoplay, looping, and controls for animation speed, providing a simple yet effective solution for enhancing your website with animations.


With the LottieFiles plugin for WordPress, users can easily manage and embed Lottie animations directly from the LottieFiles library. This tool simplifies the process of adding interactive and lightweight animations to your website, enriching user engagement without compromising performance.

Easy Lottie Animations

The Easy Lottie Animations app for Shopify offers merchants a straightforward way to incorporate Lottie animations into their online stores. Enhance your product displays and promotions with attractive, smoothly animated visuals that are sure to grab customer attention.

Scroll-Based Lottie Animation

Enhance your Wix site with engaging animations using the Scroll-Based Lottie Animation app. This application triggers animations based on scroll behavior, adding a dynamic layer of interactivity as users navigate through your site. It's an excellent way to increase engagement and provide a more immersive user experience.


In conclusion, choosing the right Lottie player widget can significantly enhance the visual appeal and interactivity of a website. The widgets discussed in this article represent the best in the market, offering a range of functionalities from basic playback to advanced controls and integration capabilities. 

By selecting a widget that aligns with their specific needs and technical requirements, developers can effectively leverage the power of Lottie animations to create engaging and responsive web experiences. Ultimately, the right tool not only improves aesthetic appeal but also contributes to better user engagement and retention.