Audio Player Examples for Shopify

Check out our Audio Player examples and discover the full potential of the widget!

Mobile-Friendly Design for Greater Reach

With just a few clicks, you can present the audio player widget in a vertical format, with a sleek, minimalist interface that features large intuitive buttons for play, pause, and skip, as well as a progress bar to show the current track's playback position and large album artwork – making it the design ideal for mobile devices.

Minimalist Design to Focus on Single Songs

The widget can be customized to show a minimal audio player, with important elements like the cover album, the title, and the control buttons, to remove unnecessary information, and make the user truly enjoy one song at a time.

Expanded Design to Showcase a Full Album

With the playlist view, you can showcase multiple albums and songs to immerse your users in them truly, and to offer quick and easy navigation across the different albums.

Style 4

Style 5