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Why Should You Use the Form Builder Widget ?

Innovate Your Form Development Experience

Uncover the next level of form builder with our trailblazing form architect for OpenCities. Cast aside tedious, prolix tasks, and embrace the unpretentiousness and strength of this diverse mechanism. Skillfully conceive captivating forms for inquiries, admission, appraisals, or interactionecessities, and experience your audience delight in a streamlined engagement, while securing the crucial data that accelerates your accomplishments.

Unrivaled Customization and Flexibility in Form Building

Experience unmatched customization and versatility with our OpenCities form builder, boasting a broad range of distinct and advanced field types to cater to your specific requirements. This empowers users to adjust forms to meet their needs, eliminating the necessity for coding or technical expertise. The editor's intuitive interface facilitates effortless personalization and design, guaranteeing that the forms not only collect the required data but also harmonize with the users' brand and visual appeal.

Effortless Data Gathering

Experience the ease of data collection and management with our form builder for OpenCities. A mere click effortlessly structures submitted data into an intelligible table, making examination and interpretation stress-free. Focus on what truly matters - making data-driven decisions and optimizing your business or organization.

Diverse Form Field Options to Choose From

Flawlessly construct personalized forms with our OpenCities form builder, devised to accommodate your exclusive demands and user targets. Easily design bespoke forms with our OpenCities form builder, engineered to fulfill your specific requirements and user goals. Effortlessly restructure fields using the drag-and-drop feature for the consummate form blueprint.

Form Builder - Diverse Form Field Options to Choose From

Hassle-free Data Collection and Display

The Form Builder for OpenCities enables you to effortlessly manage and view all submissions in a user-friendly, organized display. This feature helps you maintain an overview of all acquired data and user reactions, enabling faster and more productive follow-ups and decision-making.

Form Builder - Hassle-free Data Collection and Display

Use the Form To Receive Files and Images

With our Form Builder for OpenCities, effortlessly receive files and images submitted by your users. This formidable feature is intended for businesses and specialists who require key information, documentation, or visual components from their clients or customers. No matter the industry, our Form Builder for OpenCities streamlines the process, making it easier than ever to collect the necessary data to drive your business forward and ensure client satisfaction.

Form Builder - Use the Form To Receive Files and Images

Enrich Your Form with Fascinating Content and Visuals

Incorporating captions, detailed text, and visuals into your form cultivates a more comprehensive and instinctive submission experience for your audience. By integrating instructive form components, you guide users through the submission process, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience that ultimately boosts the chances of conversion.

Form Builder - Enrich Your Form with Fascinating Content and Visuals

Custom Headers & Footers for Your Form's Appeal

Our OpenCities Form Builder provides the capability to tailor your form's header and footer, complete with the option to incorporate images. This feature helps you fortify your brand image and develop a polished, visually appealing form that smoothly integrates with your OpenCities website's overarching design and style.

Form Builder - Custom Headers & Footers for Your Form's Appeal

Safeguard Your Form Submissions from Spam

The OpenCities Form Builder allows you to enable the CAPTCHA anti-spam mechanism, compelling users to complete a validation step before submitting the form. This feature efficiently deters bots and automated scripts from transmitting spam messages, guaranteeing that you obtain genuine submissions from actual users.

Form Builder - Safeguard Your Form Submissions from Spam
Form Builder - Export the Form Submissions to CSV

Export the Form Submissions to CSV

The OpenCities Form Builder's submission data can be exported to a CSV file, enabling seamless import into other software or tools for in-depth analysis or integration. This feature is especially advantageous for enterprises aiming to uphold extensive records of customer exchanges and for data evaluation and reporting purposes.

Form Builder - Streamlined Email Notifications and Confirmations

Streamlined Email Notifications and Confirmations

With the Form Builder for OpenCities, you can activate notifications for both the form administrator and the user submitting the form. Configure automated email notifications for each form submission, allowing you to send alerts to multiple email addresses, as well as deliver a confirmation email to the user upon successful submission.

Form Builder - Enable Repeated Form Entries

Enable Repeated Form Entries

The OpenCities Form Builder provides the option to enable multiple submissions by a single user, facilitating situations where users need to update or supplement their submitted information. Once this functionality is activated, users can submit the form repeatedly without facing any limitations, guaranteeing that they can supply precise and comprehensive data.

Form Builder - User-Friendly Form Builder for OpenCities

User-Friendly Form Builder for OpenCities

Experience the simplicity of the OpenCities Form Builder, which is designed to be user-friendly without requiring any coding background. In a matter of clicks, tailor your forms to your preferences with our user-friendly interface, simplifying the procedure and removing the necessity for technical know-how.

Pre-Designed Skins for Effortless Form Aesthetics

Our Form Builder for OpenCities comes with an array of attractive skins, facilitating a faster design process and the creation of visually enticing forms in no time. These pre-arranged templates save you the task of exhaustive modification while confirming your form aligns with your chosen style and aesthetic, resulting in a fluid user experience.

Form Builder - Pre-Designed Skins for Effortless Form Aesthetics

Create Fully Customized Forms with Ease

The Form Builder for OpenCities offers complete customization options, enabling you to edit and tailor the form's design to suit your specific needs. Whether it's changing colors, fonts, field sizes, or layouts, our Form Builder gives you the flexibility to fully customize your forms with ease, ensuring a seamless user experience that aligns with your brand and objectives.

Form Builder - Create Fully Customized Forms with Ease

Flawlessly Adaptive Forms for OpenCities

The Form Builder for OpenCities is designed to create perfectly responsive forms, ensuring that your users can access and submit them effortlessly, regardless of the device or screen size. Our OpenCities Form Builder's responsive design ensures that your forms look great and function perfectly on any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices, maximizing your audience reach and engagement.

Form Builder - Flawlessly Adaptive Forms for OpenCities

Advanced CSS Editing for OpenCities Form Builder

The OpenCities Form Builder's advanced editor is an incredibly powerful tool that gives you complete control over every aspect of your form's appearance. Besides the intuitive interface for adjusting colors, fonts, and structure, the CSS editing functionality empowers you to elevate your customization capabilities. By utilizing CSS editing, you can entirely personalize your form's design, making certain it fits seamlessly with your brand's vision and aims. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced designer, the OpenCities Form Builder's CSS editing feature empowers you to create stunning, unique forms with ease.

Form Builder - Advanced CSS Editing for OpenCities Form Builder

Effortless Form Embedding on OpenCities website

Embedding the Form Builder widget into your OpenCities website is a breeze, simply copy and paste the given code snippet into your HTML page. Additionally, the OpenCities form builder is designed to be auto-updating, ensuring that any changes you make using the Form Builder editor will automatically reflect on your OpenCities website, eliminating the need for manual updates.

Form Builder - Effortless Form Embedding on OpenCities website

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