Animated Number Counter Examples for Salla

Check out our Animated Number Counter examples and discover the full potential of the widget!

Visual Storytelling With the Right Background

With the right background image, fonts and titles, it is possible to tell a whole story and create the right association between a brand, and its impressive numbers.

Style 2

Style 3

Clean Design With Relevant Icons for Better Understanding

For the more information-delivery-based websites, where numbers play an important part, it’s best to keep the numbers, titles, and associated icons clear and easy to understand. And with the full customization options, and the large selection of icons the widget offers, it’s easy to do just that.

Setting the Right Mood and Atmosphere

The widget enables not only to create of informative number counters, but aesthetically pleasing ones as well, which will go hand in hand with the website’s design, and play a significant role in creating the right atmosphere.