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Marcela Soto, ReasonWhy

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Roberto Sterza, KRENDALL srl

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Desert Barbell

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Why Should You Use the Petition Form Widget ?

Strengthen Advocacy with WebEden Petition Form Tool

The WebEden petition form builder simplifies the process of creating and sharing online petitions, encouraging more people to take part in and back important initiatives. The outcome is amplified commitment and backing for the cause at hand. By harnessing the power of social media sharing and providing user-friendly tools, online petition forms foster a sense of community and inspire more individuals to actively participate in the campaign.

Improve Petition Oversight with WebEden Form Features

Utilizing features like entry monitoring, CSV exportation, and alerts, handling and responding to petition submissions are significantly enhanced and streamlined on WebEden. Furthermore, the WebEden petition offers customizable fields, hand-drawn signature support, and CAPTCHA spam protection, delivering a secure and user-friendly experience for both creators and supporters.

Unique and Captivating Petition Forms for WebEden

The WebEden online petition forms offer a range of customization options, including the ability to add images, hand-drawn signatures, and form fields tailored to specific needs. By leveraging this adaptability, you can establish petitions that are not only tailored to their cause but also draw the attention of their intended audience.

A Multitude of Form Fields in WebEden Petition Creator

The Petition builder for WebEden provides a vast selection of form fields that you can pick and include in your form to meet your unique needs and goals. By clicking on the "Add Field" option, you can access numerous field formats to choose from. Additionally, you can easily adjust the field order by dragging and dropping them into your preferred sequence.

Petition Form - A Multitude of Form Fields in WebEden Petition Creator

Authentic and Engaging: Hand-Drawn Signatures on WebEden Petition Forms

By using the hand-drawn signature feature in the WebEden online petition form app, users can enhance petitions by enabling signatories to contribute their handwritten signatures. The hand-drawn signature feature fosters a more genuine and customized experience for both users and signatories, augmenting the probability of signatories' involvement with the petition. Furthermore, hand-drawn signatures aid in confirming the genuineness of the signatory, thereby increasing the credibility of the petition. In summary, this feature significantly enhances your online petition on WebEden, empowering users to design more captivating and attention-grabbing petitions.

Petition Form - Authentic and Engaging: Hand-Drawn Signatures on WebEden Petition Forms

Streamlined Signature Collection with WebEden Petition Form

The WebEden Petition Form allows for simple and effective monitoring of all entries submitted through the form with its easy-to-use interface. This feature facilitates better organization and management of user communication and inquiries, empowering you to address their requests swiftly and proficiently.

Petition Form - Streamlined Signature Collection with WebEden Petition Form

Enhance Your WebEden Petition Form with Captivating Content and Visuals

Improve the user experience for your WebEden website supporters by including captivating titles, descriptive text, and images within your petition form. Providing explanatory form elements within your petition form helps users navigate the submission process with ease, resulting in an improved experience and a higher chance of securing more signatures or backing for your cause.

Petition Form - Enhance Your WebEden Petition Form with Captivating Content and Visuals

Petition Header & Footer Customization

Using the WebEden Petition builder, you can modify the header and footer of your petition form and incorporate images to create a visually engaging and sophisticated presentation. This feature offers a great opportunity to promote your brand and create a more cohesive and engaging form that aligns with your WebEden website's design and aesthetic. Tailoring your petition form paves the way for an exclusive and memorable supporter experience, solidifying trust and bolstering your cause's credibility.

Petition Form - Petition Header & Footer Customization

Protect Your WebEden Petition with CAPTCHA Anti-Spam Feature

Safeguard your WebEden petition form against spam and automated entries with the integrated CAPTCHA anti-spam feature. With a verification task to be completed before signature submission, this feature ensures the legitimacy of every supporter who signs your petition. By implementing this protective barrier, you can fend off spam messages and bots, maintaining the integrity and authenticity of your petition. With the CAPTCHA feature, you can be confident that every signature you receive is from a real person who cares about your cause.

Petition Form - Protect Your WebEden Petition with CAPTCHA Anti-Spam Feature
Petition Form - Export Petition Signatures to CSV for Improved Insights on WebEden

Export Petition Signatures to CSV for Improved Insights on WebEden

The WebEden Petition builder allows you to export all the submitted signatures to a CSV file, making it easy to analyze the data and import it into other tools or programs. This CSV export functionality is crucial for managing interactions with supporters, producing reports, and studying trends to measure the effectiveness of your petition. By exporting your petition data, you can gain valuable insights into your petition's performance and make informed decisions to improve your campaign's effectiveness.

Petition Form - Get Real-time Updates on WebEden Petition Submissions

Get Real-time Updates on WebEden Petition Submissions

The Petition builder for WebEden allows you to receive instant notifications whenever a new supporter signs your petition. By turning on notifications for yourself and the submitting user, you can stay abreast of all recent submissions and keep your supporters engaged. You can also enable automated email alerts for every submitted form, and provide users with a confirmation email once they've successfully signed the petition. Utilizing this feature, you can effectively sustain supporter engagement, nurture relationships and enhance your cause's momentum.

Petition Form - Effortlessly Craft Your WebEden Petition with Our User-Friendly Builder

Effortlessly Craft Your WebEden Petition with Our User-Friendly Builder

Experience hassle-free petition creation with the WebEden Petition builder, designed for ease of use without requiring any coding skills. With our straightforward dashboard and handy drag-and-drop functionality, customizing your WebEden petition is a breeze, requiring just a few clicks.

Multiple Petition Skins for your WebEden website

The Petition Form for [paltform] comes with a variety of beautiful skins that you can choose from so you don’t have to spend much time on extensive customization. Additionally, these visually appealing skins are designed to resonate with different audiences, ensuring that your petition stands out and captures the attention it deserves. The engaging skins are crafted to draw the attention of a wide range of audiences, guaranteeing your petition receives the focus and support it requires.

Petition Form - Multiple Petition Skins for your WebEden website

Fully Customizable Petition for WebEden

The Petition Form provides a full range of customization possibilities, empowering you to adjust the design as needed – update the colors, change the fonts, rearrange the spacing, and more. This flexibility enables users to craft unique and personalized petitions that not only effectively communicate their message, but also reflect their distinctive style and brand identity.

Petition Form - Fully Customizable Petition for WebEden

Perfectly Responsive online petition for WebEden

The Petition Form is fully responsive and will look great on any device. b. With a completely responsive design, the Petition Form is guaranteed to appear stunning on all devices. Ensuring that your form is mobile-optimized is vital, as an ever-growing portion of the population relies on smartphones and tablets for internet access.

Petition Form - Perfectly Responsive online petition for WebEden

Take Control of Your WebEden Petition Design with Custom CSS

The advanced editor offers an all-encompassing solution for managing the visual aspects of your WebEden Petition Form. This tool allows you to effortlessly edit the CSS of the petition form, creating a truly personalized design that reflects your brand identity and visual language. If you want to push the boundaries of customization, dive into the CSS and modify it directly for a truly unique design.

Petition Form - Take Control of Your WebEden Petition Design with Custom CSS

Effortless WebEden Petition Embedding for Your Site

Integrating the Petition Form on your WebEden site is as simple as copying the provided code snippet and pasting it into your page's HTML code. Additionally, the WebEden petition is designed to be auto-updating, meaning that any changes you make to the Petition Form editor will be reflected automatically on your WebEden website.

Petition Form - Effortless WebEden Petition Embedding for Your Site

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