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Top 65 Essential Webflow Integrations

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Summary (TL;DR): In this article, we are going to discuss Webflow — a powerful website builder, and offer you a selection of the top 65 essential Webflow integrations that will help you improve your Webflow website in many different ways.

Top 65 Essential Webflow Integrations

Webflow, like many other website builders, offers users the ability to create stunning websites with ease. It is a flexible platform that offers a wide variety of tools with which users can create any website including portfolio websites, e-commerce websites and many others. 

While Webflow is powerful on its own, its efficiency and functionality can be further increased with apps and integrations, or, as they put it — Webflow Integrations. Webflow integrations serve to add more substance to a website and aid users in reaching their goals like increased conversions, more traffic, better SEO scores, optimized images and much more.

Today we’ll discuss the top 65 Webflow integrations that can enhance your website and enrich your users’ experience. 

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What is Webflow?

Webflow is a powerful, American-based website-building platform that was founded in 2013. It provides software as a service (SaaS) for website building and hosting and, effectively, it enables users to design websites with no requirements of coding knowledge. According to Webflow, they have over 3.5 million users. Webflow has lots of integrations for various purposes and we’ve compiled a list of the top 65 Webflow integrations that every Webflow user should consider adding to their website. 

Common Ninja’s Apps for Webflow

Before we start with the list, we would like to point out that Common Ninja has a large selection of free and extremely easy-to-use apps that you can add to your Webflow website. Make sure to check them out! 

Top 65 Webflow Integrations

Webflow Form Integrations

Forms make it easier for your visitors to contact you, leave their information, ask questions or subscribe to your various services, like a newsletter, for example. Their contact information can then be used (with their consent, of course) to send them email marketing campaigns with enticing news, discounts, or coupons. To make sure that forms yield the most results, they need to be functional and eye-catching. Webflow form integrations make it easy to add forms to your website, customize them and automate them. 

1. Mailchimp

MailChimp is a powerful email marketing tool that can be integrated with Webflow. It enables users to connect their Webflow signup form to a MailChimp list to gather contacts and segment them. 

2. Hubspot

With this Hubspot integration, you can sync Webflow customer data and automate your entire order of processing. In addition, you can send form submissions from Webflow to Hubspot in real-time.

3. Getform

Getform is another powerful form integration. With its help, you can receive emails, collects submissions, and connect your HTML form to other popular apps.

4. MightyForms

MightyForms is an online form builder that allows users to create online forms, automate workflows, and track Analytics. Furthermore, it requires no coding knowledge. 

5. Paperform

The Papeform integration enables website developers to create online forms or product pages quickly without a code.  

Webflow Chat Integrations

Webflow chat integrations allow you to integrate a personalized chat that your visitors can use at all times. Having a chat feature on your website enriches the experience of your visitors. Here are some of the best Webflow integrations that will get the conversation going on your website.

6. Common Ninja’s Chat Buttons

Common Ninja sports a selection of three lovely chat buttons that you can add to your website — WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger. With these powerful and fully customizable tools, you can provide better user experience, reach a wider audience and increase your conversions. 

7. Chatwoot

Chatwoot is an open-source customer engagement solution that helps companies connect with their customers through live chat or other channels on the website. Additionally, this Webflow integration allows your visitors to communicate ideas with each other, all while you monitor their exchange. 

8. BotStar

One of the best free Webflow integrations comes in the form of BotStar. This integration offers specialized chatbots that interact with the visitors. Any general questions concerning your service or product can be answered immediately by automatic bots. BotStar is easy to use and requires no coding skills while implementing.

9. (LiveChat) is a live chat that aims to increase conversions by giving website visitors immediate access to help.

Webflow E-commerce Integrations

There are many users who choose Webflow to build e-commerce shops and to help them with this, several e-commerce integrations have been developed. From customer experience to payment methods — here are some of the best e-commerce integrations you can use to optimize your online business.

10. Shopify

Shopify handles everything from marketing and payments to secure checkout and shipping. In addition, the e-commerce company offers free and premium integrations that can extend the functionality of your Webflow website. No matter what your business goals are, the Shopify integration will help your entrepreneurship transform completely.

11. Udesly

Through Udesly, you can find resources to create pixel-perfect themes and templates for popular CMS with no code! The Udesly Adapter integration will add many smart features to your Webflow website and its projects. These themes will help portray your future and past projects and inform your followers of the website’s progress. 

12. SendOwl

One of the best Webflow integrations is undoubtedly the ground-breaking SendOwl integration. This integration helps entrepreneurs create a storefront and acquire salesman skills. SendOwl helps to sell digital products and services by enabling a rapid launch process. 

Webflow Payments Integrations 

Without incorporating a proper payment system, your e-commerce can’t really work. Various payments services are available like Stripe, PayPal, and Amazon. Here are the integrations that will help you incorporate your desired payment system into your website. 

13. Paypal Payments

Integrating a PayPal payments integration on your Webflow website is a simple way to allow your customers to proceed with online payments. In addition, by using this integration, you will be creating an effortless purchase process that your customers will love and appreciate. The Paypal app will satisfy customers with single payments that include taxes, shipping prices, subscriptions, and more.

14. Amazon Payments

By creating additional stores on resellers like Amazon, you can introduce your products to a broader audience and give your visitors a secondary payment option. 

15. Stripe Payments

The Stripe Payments integration will allow buyers to transfer money from their bank into your business account via a debit or credit card transaction. 

Webflow Events Calendar Integrations

Event calendars allow website owners to create RSVPs and tickets for important events. They can usually contain features such as appointing, booking, scheduling, and ticketing events. 

16. Calendly

Calendly is one of the best Webflow integrations to have if you are planning a special event. It offers various templates to choose from, and the Calendly team is working on developing advanced automation options. 

17. Happyning Events

If you want to give a birthday the proper treatment, then you should try implementing Happyning Events. Happyning Events helps you schedule your celebrations in a fun, mobile-friendly way with lots of themes to choose from. 

18. CozyCal

The CozyCal integration is a convenient tool that will help you run your website’s events. With CozyCal, you won’t have to worry about changing specific important dates as it will do it for you. You can also manage and stylize the look of the Cozy Calendar by choosing from an array of templates. 

Webflow Social Media Integrations

Social media is an important aspect of website promotion, brand awareness and community building. To make sure that your Webflow website has access to the world of social media, you’ll need social media integration. 

19. Common Ninja: Social Media & RSS Feeds

Common Ninja: Social Media & RSS Feeds is powerful integration for your Webflow website. It will enable you to add any social media or RSS feed to your website. It will help you captivate your visitors, aggregate valuable information and increase your social media presence. Furthermore, the integration is fully customizable, perfectly responsive and includes features like multiple feed modes, full control over feeds, auto-refresh and more! Embedding it to your Webflow website is absolutely easy. 

20. Webflow Instagram Integration

The Instagram integration allows you to embed Instagram photos and videos into your site.

21. Webflow Twitter Integration

The Twitter integration allows you to embed a variety of widgets from single tweets to timelines and follow buttons.

22. Webflow Pinterest integration

The Pinterest integration will enable you to embed Pinterest’s share, save, pin, or profile widgets in your website.

23. Webflow Facebook integration

The Facebook integration will allow your site visitors to like, share, or comment on your website.

Webflow Template Integrations 

There are numerous Webflow templates that can make your Webflow website creation process much easier. You can choose anything from seasonal templates, minimal templates, landing pages, and many more. Here are some template integrations that will make this process easier. 

24. Webflow Free Templates 

Webflow Free Templates is essentially a Webflow integration that enables you to access Webflow’s free template library. 

25. ThemeForest

ThemeForest is an integration that will enable you to purchase Webflow templates that were created by ThemeForest’s global community of independent web developers. 

26. Creative Market

Creative Market is will enable you to purchase Webflow templates from Creative Market, and then, redeem them on Webflow to edit and publish.

Webflow Charts Integrations 

Adding Charts and Graphs to your website can be helpful when you have lots of data that you want to share and present. Charts enable you to convey information in a visually appealing way.

27. Common Ninja: Charts & Graphs

Common Ninja’s Charts & Graphs app is a powerful Webflow integration that will enable you to create fully customizable charts, graphs, diagrams and more, and easily embed them to your Webflow website. The app features over 20 different chart types. It is mobile-friendly and has helpful features like multi-source data import, custom CSS and more. 

28. Charttt

Charttt enables you to embed image charts into Webflow sites, emails, blog posts, and anywhere else.

Webflow Analytics Integrations 

Website analytics are an integral part of continuous improvement. Analyzing this type of data can help you find your strengths and weakness and allow you to improve and fine-tune your website to offer a better experience, boost conversions and more. 

29. Webflow Google analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful web analytics platforms on the web and is the most popular choice for website owners. This integration will allow you to connect your Webflow website to Google analytics easily. 

30. The Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel integration will allow you to understand the actions people are taking on your website.

31. Optimizely

Optimizely allows marketing and product teams to test, learn and deploy better digital experiences. With it, you can run A/B tests — tests that create two different versions of a web page that differ in one way, then split traffic between the two versions to see which version produces better results.

32. Matomo

Matomo allows you to gather, analyze and track Key Performance Indicators.

33. Hotjar

Hotjar allows you to understand your users in a fast and visual way by implementing heat maps.

Webflow Email Integrations 

Emails are paramount to the success of a business. Through them, you can communicate with clients, partners and suppliers, and, you can create marketing campaigns to increase traffic to your website, boost conversion, and enhance brand awareness. 

34. G Suite Gmail 

The G Suite Gmail is one of the more popular integration as Google Mail is the most commonly used email provider. The GSuite also provides levels of business eDiscovery, which is welcomed when expanding to the world of e-commerce. Through eDiscovery, you are given a grand look inside the world of e-business and its rules. 

35. AWeber

The AWeber integration allows you to create and send professional emails to your customers.

36. Zoho Mail

The Zoho Mail integration enables you to run your business communications on a secure, encrypted, privacy-guaranteed email service.

Webflow Hosting Integrations

There are various hosting services out there and to make sure that your Webflow website works well with them it’s best to do it via a dedicated integration. 

37. DreamHost

The DreamHost integration allows you to point your DreamHost domain name to Webflow

38. BlueHost

The BlueHost integration allows you to point your Bluehost domain to Webflow

Webflow Review Integrations 

Reviews are essential to building trust and credibility. They boost your company’s reputation by allowing satisfied customers to leave their reviews on your website. 

39. Tagembed: Social Media Aggregator

The Tagembed: Social Media Aggregator integration allows you to collect, customize and embed social media feeds and reviews on your website.

40. EmbedSocial

The EmbedSocial integration allows you to embed online reviews and Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter albums.

Webflow Tables Integrations

Tables are a great tool for when you want to present data in a structured way that can help in the comparison of items and features, for example — comparison and pricing tables. 

41. Common Ninja: Pricing Tables

Common Ninja: Pricing Tables are an amazing tool for those who want to create pricing tables for their products or services. This Webflow table integration is fully customizable, perfectly responsive features advanced mobile behavior, animated tables, multiple billing cycles, ribbons, and many more! Change anything from fonts to colors and buttons and embed them easily on your Webflow website. 

42. Common Ninja: Comparison Tables

Common Ninja: Comparison Tables is a powerful tool for creating stunning comparison tables with absolute ease. The integration is fully customizable, mobile-friendly and features search & sort options, floating elements, pagination, easy CSV-to-table conversion and more. 

43. AwesomeTable 

The AwesomeTable integration enables you to embed an interactive filterable catalog, map, or dashboard backed by Google Sheets and Excel Online on your website.

Cookie Consent is a legal requirement in many countries, and to make sure that your website complies with local and international laws, you need to add it to your website.


The integration allows you to generate a cookie banner and notice for your website to comply with GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA and ePrivacy.

45. Privado

The Privado integration is a Free Webflow cookie consent solution that makes your website compliant with global privacy laws like ePrivacy, GDPR, and CCPA.

46. Easycookie

The Easycookie integration will allow you to provide awareness and receive approval for processing personal data.

Webflow Slider Integrations

Sliders are great for adding movement and action to your website’s images and textual elements. 

47. CMS Library: Slider

The CMS Library: Slider integration allows you to create a CMS slider with a dynamic number of slides. 

Webflow Affiliate Integrations

Many users choose Webflow to create affiliate websites and generate income, and to them in this task, Webflow offers affiliate-related integrations. 

48. Monto

The Monto integration allows you to create your shop’s Affiliate Program.

Webflow Zapier Integration

Zapier is a powerful tool that allows users to integrate lots of different web applications. 

49. Zapier

The Zapier integration allows you to share data between Webflow and third-party apps. It lest you connect with over 1000 apps with the Webflow API. 

Webflow Lottie Integrations

A Lottie is a JSON-based animation file format that enables designers to ship animations on any platform. They are small files that work on any device and can scale up or down without pixelation.

50. Drawer Design

The Drawer Design integration provides high-quality Lottie animations for startup owners, designers & developers

51. Lordicon Animated Icons

The Lordicon Animated Icons integration is a beautifully designed and animated icon set based on Lottie with a powerful library and powerful Webflow integration.

Webflow Countdown Timer Integration

Countdowns are important to websites in that they can increase sales by creating a sense of urgency and encouraging customers to purchase due to their fear of missing out.

52. Common Ninja: Countdown Bar

Common Ninja: Countdown Bar is a powerful tool that allows you to create a fully customizable countdown bar that will create a sense of urgency and boost sales. The integration is mobile-friendly, easy to embed and features a sticky timer, beautiful skins, the ability to automatically hide the timer at sale’s end and more!

Webflow Audio Player Integrations

Audio players can enhance and enrich your website by adding some sounds to it. With their help, you can promote your own audio products and make your website more accessible by offering an audio version of your text. 

53. Common Ninja: Audio Player

The Common Ninja: Audio Player integration is a simple yet powerful tool that enables you to upload audio files from your computer or a link and add them to your website. The integration is fully customizable, mobile-friendly and features the shuffle option, a playlist view, multiple layouts, position changing and more. 

Webflow FAQ Integrations

FAQs are a helpful tool that can improve user experience by providing quick answers to common questions and they can improve your SEO ranking by allowing you to add more long-tail keywords to your website organically. 

54. Common Ninja: FAQ

The Common Ninja: FAQ integration is a powerful tool that enables you to add FAQs to your website. The integration is fully customizable, perfectly responsive and easy to embed. It allows you to add answers in an accordion fashion and has features like a search option, behavior management, category separation, multiple layouts and more! 

Webflow SVG Integrations

Scalable Vector Graphics is an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for interactivity and animation. It is most commonly used for icons, illustrations and logos. 

55. SVGator

The SVGator integrations will allow you to animate SVG icons, illustrations, and logos and no coding skills are required!

Webflow Google Maps Integrations

Google Maps are one of the most popular map services available today. 

56. Google Maps

The Google Maps integration will help your site visitors discover places using personalized maps.

Webflow Hover Effects Integrations

Hover effects are great for sprucing your website up and adding interactivity to it. 

57. Class Adder for Webflow Interactions 

The Class Adder for Webflow Interactions integrations allows you to add/remove a class from an element. With it, you can trigger the add/remove on click, hover, scroll in/out of view, or page load.

Webflow Image Integrations

Adding images to your website is an important part of creating good user experience. Images serve to enhance design, create breakpoints within long texts and aid in understanding various topics. 

58. Free Images

The Free Images integration allows you to find and download free stock photos — for personal and commercial use.

Webflow Filter Integrations

Filters serve to improve user experience by improving their navigation and enhancing their search capabilities. 

59. CMS Library: Filter

The CMS Library: Filter integration allows you to filter Items in a collection list based on text content inside the item.

Webflow React Integration

React is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces based on UI components. 

60. React

The React integration allows you to add React components to your Webflow project for more customized and complex user interfaces.

Webflow Membership Site Integrations

Many Webflow users choose to create Membership sites for a more personalized experience and for a specific business approach. To help them in this task, there are membership site integrations.

61. Memberful

The Memberful integration is a professional membership software that works with your Webfilow website. 

Webflow API Integrations

APIs (application programming interfaces) offer a connection between computers or between computer programs. 

62. ApiStack

The ApiStack integration is a library of APIs that helps you to build different backend flows without any coding or infrastructure.

Webflow Ads Integrations

Ads are a necessary part of any business. They allow advertisers to reach a wider audience and for those who place ads on their website, it opens up another source of revenue. 

63. Clever

The Clever integration allows you to advertise on Google and grow your business. 

Webflow Security Integrations

In today’s world, where there is a lot of malicious software and bad people who want to steal information or money, for whatever reason, the security of your website is a top priority. 

64. Magic

The Magic integration lets you build apps with blazing-fast, customizable, passwordless login – with future-proof crypto and identity tech under the hood.

Webflow Logo Showcase Integrations

Logo showcases are a great tool for building trust and credibility. They allow users to display the logos of their partners, clients, or sponsors and show the world that others have chosen to trust and work with them. 

65. Common Ninja: Logo Showcase

The Common Ninja: Logo Showcase integration is a versatile tool for creating logo showcases. The app is fully customizable, perfectly responsive, easy to embed and features the gallery or carousel layouts, hover effects, clickable logos and more. 

Start Building Better Webflow Websites With Powerful Integrations

We might have introduced an awful lot of Webflow widgets to choose from, but only you can determine which works best for your needs. Your website needs to be a representation of what you are willing to achieve. Through the right integrations, your website can portray the exact service that you offer. Every single one of these integrations has a specific feature that makes them unique. Before you go, consider browsing Common Ninja’s large selection of Webflow integrations.